3 Strange Places Of Moscow

Strange Places Of Moscow

Moscow has many places that can’t be used for their intended purposes. They just occupy extra place and look strange and stupid.

This a parking lot for disabled people. But as it is surrounded by a fence, it is not clear how the people can enter the parking lot if only they don’t have a helicopter.

How do you like the parking lots?


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3 Responses to “Strange Places Of Moscow”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    My point regarding statistics, we live in a paper world.
    Some numb nut, who works for the municipality got a work order to paint parking spots. Hard thing to do when there are cars parked there. So, he painted the sidewalk and his work, on paper, is complete. Same thing with the crosswalk. It just doesn’t happen in Russia, it happens all over. How the job is done does not matter, on paper, it’s done. GDP goes up.

  2. BlowME says:

    This does not show that people who do that are stupid, it just shows how much they “care”… This is a sight that can often be seen in some CIS coutries…

  3. OLUT says:

    The strange setup for the disabled reminds me of a banquet hall I visited. It had a main level and a lower level basement you could only reach by staircase. On the main level they had a sign that said “handicap accessible restrooms are down those stairs.” ::facepalm::

  4. Number says:

    Nice to see,that u Russian people are tree lovers,and give about ur beautiful rich nature country!

  5. Number says:

    Ow and btw. your handicapt fellow citizens must have really strong arms,getting up a stair that hook!!

  6. mukmika says:

    Some public servants have a great sense of humour! Some video of people using those ramps for disabled would be interesting.

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