29 A Secret Bunker Of The Bialowieza Forest

A Secret Bunker Of The Bialowieza Forest

The three-storeyed communication bunker we’ll visit today has been abandoned since 2005. Its location is very difficult to determine as it is hidden deep in the Bialowieza forest.

Find a small hill in the forest and if you are attentive enough you will see some massive hatches on its surface.

That used to be the main entrance. There was a big building above it.

An inclined descent is followed by a massive door.

“System number 8”. What can it mean?

‘Put your shoes, soldier’s blouse, trousers and underwear into a rubber bag and don’t takeoff your respirator’.

‘Put your documents, money and topographic maps in a polyethylene bag’.


‘Process your hands, neck and bag with documents with special solution and take a hygienic shower’.

The lamps signal where one can go and where one must stay.

The ceiling in the part of the object is rusted. Soon the same will happen to the entire object.

Ventilation systems 1A and 1B.

Many rooms are empty.

That was not a regular room.


The floor was standing on powerful pneumatic springs to withstand a possible blast wave.

A huge conditioning unit KD-20.


Cut parts of system number 3.

The stairs lead to the ground floor.

‘Attention! The aggregates switch on remotely’.


Let us go down to the second floor. The place is filled with water but walking is still possible.

This is one of some rooms where people used to live.


1 meter separates the hall from the water.

In case of an accident the screen of the amperemeter is back-lightened.Its data could be seen in spite of darkness around.



Three generators form the heart of the bunker.

There used to be a stair that had been removed.

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29 responses to “A Secret Bunker Of The Bialowieza Forest”

  1. 山下智久 says:


  2. matt says:

    hey, so is this Poland or Belarus, coz from the name of the forest it seems to be in Poland?


  3. EngrishBob says:

    I don’t think it’s backlit, it more likely uses radon or some other phosphorescent substance.

  4. hiena says:

    It’s in Poland

  5. m0 says:

    back lighting is impossible in this case…unless the metal plate the numbers are painted on is transparent. add to this that there is no power available TO back light anything at all. it’s phosphorescence, period. common examples of phosphorescent materials are glow-in-the-dark clock dials that are visible in darkness after being charged with a bright light. EngrishBob is exactly right. thumbs up

    • Hirsh says:

      Backlighting without electricity is possible by doing it the same way as using a lamp or LED behind the display, but using a radioactive tritium gas capsule with a phosphorescent coating. They us them in emergency exit signs and all kinds of uses where illumination is critical and needed without a power source. It glows for years just like radium paint does because it uses a radioactive source too, but much safer then radium paint. That’s some nasty stuff… (and what was used on this dial, it’s just painted on the face of the meter)

  6. JC says:

    Can you be a tad more specific re location, it’s a long way to go from the UK without finding it….

  7. omar says:

    could someone tell me where exaclty is this place? I live near Bialowieża in Poland and I’am very curious about this bunker?

  8. SHLOMO says:

    The forest is both in Belarus and Poland.

  9. sabotos says:

    In the time it took someone to unwind the copper from all those stators they could have made twice the money collecting cans and bottles.

  10. Dorkge says:

    Lab of the biological warfare and you guys walk in like it is some amusement park?

  11. Pitt says:

    It must be Belarus because Red Army has left polish territory in early ’90 (16 sep 1993)

  12. ziom says:

    ale złomu. tyle kasy się marnuje

  13. W says:

    Where it is ? Poland? Belarus?

  14. W says:

    How in the forest sector?

  15. Mercal says:

    Waste of monies from Soviet Union days.

  16. John says:

    Belarus or Ukraine are not Russia you stupid russian imperialists

  17. John says:

    Probably full of asbestos look at the lagging on the pipes.

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