4 What You Can Find Inside Of The Lysimetric Station

What You Can Find Inside Of The Lysimetric Station

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This doorplate says ‘Lysimetric Station’ and now we’re going to show you what’s inside.

‘Lysimetric Tests Laboratory. Lysimetric Station’.

Flowerbeds near the station.

The entrance.


Some kind of equipmet.

Something’s leaky…

The devices are connected to the pipes coming out of the walls.

Some of the pipes are stopped up.

A drainage channel.

Some time ago in this place, there was a ventilation system.



Another kind of device.


Water from the ground gets into the triangular basin through the pipe. When the basin is full, it overturns and the water gets to the bottom of the right-angled box, and then, through the pipe, gets into the can. Many of the cans are overfilled that’s why some of them are leaky.

Pipe clamps. Shall we stop the leakage?

A pump.

Who is this large cage aimed for?

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4 Responses to “What You Can Find Inside Of The Lysimetric Station”

  1. raaa says:

    It look like a branch of the university Hogwarts from Harry Potter. :D

  2. petrohof says:

    Controlled drainage and wetlands to reduce agricultural pollution: a lysimetric study.

  3. Bogdanov says:

    Long live Science and Technology!

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