17 Minsk Occupation In Photos, Part III

Minsk Occupation In Photos, Part III

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This is the third and the final part of the photo collection covering Minsk occupation.

(You can also check Part I and Part II).

A man with a mosque in the background. The mosque was destroyed in 1962.

Two soldiers are posing in front of St. Roch Church (standing on a bunker).

Ruins of the House of Specialists and the church in the background.

St. Roch Church.

The House of Specialists.

In the distance you can see the White House.

The ghetto.

In this picture you see the White House, the Opera Theater, a hospital, and a military academy.

This photo was taken from the top of the White House. In the picture: the White House, the Opera Theater, a church and a synagogue which was later turned into a drama theater.

A Jesuitical complex.

Freedom Square. The General Commissariat was situated in this building during the war.

Air Defence Headquarters.

This synagogue was demolished in the 1960s.

St. Peter and Pavel Church.

A school.

This jewish pedagogical college was situated in the ghetto.

One of the wings of the college.

The House of Pioneers.

A synagogue.

The Pischalauski Castle.

The Opera Theater.

The hall of the Opera Theater where Germans kept the jewelry and money which they’d taken away from the Jews.

The auditorium.

The Opera Theater.


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17 Responses to “Minsk Occupation In Photos, Part III”

  1. komar says:

    this are very nice photos for neo-nazi, belarus collaborateurs.Propagandaphotos of german propaganda – photograph´s.
    Nazis are criminal, yesterday and today – look to germany : Nazi – trio in Germany!
    I know that, i write from Germany.

    • Hirsh says:

      And English Russia to the list. Seems they don’t want want any honest opinions about the Nazis posted here. They all get deleted.

  2. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Sad. So heartbreaking…

  3. zx10R says:

    last image is so real :D people were so happy seeing red army in their country, hooray!

  4. EngrishBob says:

    Liberation indeed. What was it, new boss, same as the old boss.

  5. zalone says:

    c’est images fonts toujours froid dans le dos,du reste le sujet est interessant car je connais très mal l’histoire soviétique ,ça donne un bon éclairage.

  6. ayaa says:

    My great-grand father was a tank man. In the summer of 1944, he was with the 5th tank guards. He recounts of seeing small children emerge from the underground shelters of the ruined city and asking their parents who were these strange men, many having no memory of anything other than Nazi occupation.

    In the few weeks, while the army rested in preparation for another push, he made several sad observations. These small children were used to tanks and other heavy equipment, but were so touchingly shocked when the soldiers offered them things we usually take for granted like sweets and candy. Sad.

  7. CZenda says:

    The Slovak football team very probably consists of the members of “Zaistovacia divizia”, something like “Rear Division”. The task of the unit was to guard bridges, railways etc. Its members were showing very low readiness to die for the Fuehrer, the unit was evaluated as unreliable and in the end moved to Italy.

  8. komar says:

    i was born in 1955 in town Rathenow (rathenowe), 26 km from river elbe.
    my mother was born too in rathenow , she said in these last days to 8.may 1945 the ss and kettenhunde hanging young german gunman from wehrmacht on street of rathenow.

  9. A.Oscar says:

    After looking into the pictures of the evasion by the Germany into Russia; comprehend even more, human beings not much value have. Also remember what already read about it; what kind of weapons of Mass destruction having, seem like the only way to end all the wars, would be the end of men, or civilization. Many countries have such weapons: inclusive a little one, already have passed ten of nuclear arms of mass destruction, Israel, and may I ask why? The worse thing could happened to any living being,; suffering, and more suffering with some times smiles on the face. I have seeing on the pictures; Germans not even officials and just a simple soldier looking at man suffering with pain. If we have so many humans of such temperament, better do not exist any. The Second World War: was there lots of suffering, even the normal germen did suffer with the cold, and that wasn’t premeditate ahead of time, just the idea of be mean, was enough to go to war. I am sorry for all of Russians for what did happened; now try to defend yourselves better than before, and China could be the most dangers. A.Oscar

  10. j pigden says:

    I had to keep looking at the pics to tell if it was gulag or ghetto.

  11. Mr. Fox says:

    Thanks for share these photos. really thanks!

  12. Leon says:

    you missed photos of pubic executions in Minsk during first days of occupation. without it your collection is incomplete

  13. I wonder how those hierarchs felt after the war. What a choice! Fascists or communists, both bastards! At least the fascists let them keep the churches open.

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