14 Amazing Pimped Gaz M1

Amazing Pimped Gaz M1

Posted on November 20, 2011 by

Check out how cool they’ve pimped the old GAZ M1. You can hardly tell that this is one and the same car!

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14 Responses to “Amazing Pimped Gaz M1”

  1. mutings says:

    where’s the gear lever? apart from that: amazing.

  2. ds says:

    I see no belts, it’s a showcar, no car to drive on the road..

    • OldBikr says:

      Oh ds, it did not come from the factory with seat belts, so it does not have them now.

      It would not be too hard to add them, but doing so would clutter the otherwise clean look of the interior.

  3. Jim-Bob says:

    It makes me wonder if the back of the car is really just a fiberglass replica based off of the Ford model B (a very popular item in the US). While this may sound absurd on the surface, it makes sense when you know the history of GAZ and Ford. In it’s earliest years, GAZ produced Ford cars under license and then modified them to suit the local needs of the USSR. Thus, the M1 was really just a Ford Model B that was produced in the USSR. From the cowl rearwards should be Ford B400. This means the distinctive hood and grille of the GAZ model should line up with the Ford body.

    • Kaputnik says:

      It would most certainly be less expensive if it did use a replica Ford B body — there are some companies here in the US that have purchased rights to reproduce bodies and chassis parts, and even engines, of assorted vintage models. Of the GAZ saloons, it is really difficult to tell them apart from their Ford cousins – at least from a distance. (And the original models of both are very nice looking cars for that era, simple to service and so on, at least that has been my experience with 30’s era Fords. )

      Whilst the “purist” in me sees the destruction of a good vintage auto, I still think the modded GAZ looks reallllllllly nice!!!

  4. OldBikr says:

    It looks really good. I would be proud to have something like this car for car shows in America. I think it would win many awards.

    It is as good as ANYTHING I have seen ANYWHERE.

  5. geo says:

    girl has nice bumpers.

  6. m0 says:

    if that’s a russian car, then *I’m* russian.

    and, what a sorry waste.

  7. Glen says:

    The updated GAZ-M1 pictured initially was named GAZ-11-73, of which only some 1200 units were produced during 1939–1948, including drophead saloons and a few other specials. It featured a 76bhp in-line six-cylinder engine. It is quite a rare car and rather few are known to remain, so let’s hope the blokes who built that vulgar “pimped” disaster did not vandalise a genuine GAZ-11-73 for the purpose. Original is beautiful.

  8. banditrider says:

    I bet the owner doesn’t park on hills, there doesn’t appear to be a parking brake, unless it’s hidden to the left of the steering column. The M1 was originally stick shift, so I’d love to know what they have done with it. None of the levers on the column look strong enough to be a gear lever.

  9. tommy says:

    Where is the gear lever, the rear brake, the indicator knobs, the ignition key, light switches, fuel filler flap? I got an suspicion this is just a very well made render, guys.

    • Glen says:

      You are probably/hopefully right about this being a new car built in the wannabe-American fashion where some styling features have been inspired by the GAZ-11-73. As for the interior, there are hardly any traces of the genuine model at all. Only the grille and perhaps the bonnet appear to originate from an 11-73, even though there are slight differences. So, this project is about as interesting as the average American hot rod, a car of very limited value, that is. A well-preserved orginal GAZ-11-73 with a slight patina, however, that’s the thing!

  10. Viktor says:

    The old car looks better.

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