9 Will They Ever Open The Fourth Ring Road?

Will They Ever Open The Fourth Ring Road?

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They've been building the Fourth Ring Road on and off. According to its project, after they open the Forth Ring Road, the traffic jam situation on the MKAD and the Third Ring Road will improve.

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The work began in 2008 with the construction of a parking lot which was to be above the road. Apparently, the builders were very enthusiastic about it at first, so the pace of construction was really fast.


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9 Responses to “Will They Ever Open The Fourth Ring Road?”

  1. geoff says:

    The way it happens here is that by the time a new road is finished we need a new road.

  2. Hirsh says:

    “Why do they build so expensive and complicated pedestrian crossings over the highway? W H Y?” – It’s Moscow. Snow load rating would be my guess, not to mention the weight given how many people it looks like it can accommodate.

    “And is it necessary to make it covered?” – In Moscow in the winter, yes.

  3. Jefett says:

    how much money for corrupt officials bro ?

    • moo says:

      Most of of the money is being embezzled by corrupt people. There was a investigation once done and it turned out that in Russia it is the most expensive per kilometer to build road then any other country in the world. Also when they tried to find out who gets the contracts and so on to build the roads there were so many sub contractors that they could not find who originally was given the contract.

  4. Hola! says:

    I don’t know what I am bored with more, whether this would be the post itself with the strange accusations, or with the comments, thirsty for speculation on corruption. Pathetic. Boring. Speculative. Poorly supported by facts. Will there be something more interesting?

  5. ZeroDrop says:

    I say Russia have a *LOT* in common with Brazil.

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