27 Crash Of A Crane In Kiev

Crash Of A Crane In Kiev

An accident happened at 11 a.m. yesterday. The biggest crane that was used in construction of Podolsky bridge crashed down.

Several boats were destroyed. 8 people were working on the crane at the time of the accident. 5 of them were able to save on their own whereas three others were saved by employees of the MES of Russia.

The crane had to  be used in installation the last segment of the bridge.

The bridge is facing an active transformation, asphalt is being laid now. Arcs of the bridge are ready.

How could such a huge crane fall down?

Workers say that the crash occurred due to somebody’s criminal negligence.  Puddles of machine oil can be seen on the water.

Let’s go upstairs to see the place of the accident better.

The crane was intended for bridge construction. It was the biggest technological construction of the type in Ukraine.

Specifications: actual carrying capacity – 680 tons, height of the crane arm – 93,3 m, size of the main boat – 97x16m, mass of the assembled crane – 3000 tons.


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27 Responses to “Crash Of A Crane In Kiev”

  1. Osip says:

    “How could such a huge crane fall down?”
    Better question would be: “How can such a huge crane be removed from the river?”

  2. geoff says:

    Woops. Somebody is going to be in the poo.

  3. niwei says:

    Kiev…..crayze city

  4. DouglasU says:

    It appears that the crane is way over-built and its therefore too heavy.

  5. robin yates says:

    oh dear! This is going to cost someone a lot of money.

  6. Verto says:

    The “retard designers” of this “floating” crane are responsible for this accident.look at the crane’s Length:Width:height and weight ratio ! ! ! ! ! !any brainless can easily understood the future of this type of “failed” machine ! ! ! ! ! !

    • T says:

      Don’t be dumb – the pontoons act as spreaders to give stability. The problem seems to be they were not attached properly. These cranes work all over the world.

  7. Gamith says:

    So it looks as though one arm failed, presumably too heavy a load or design/ manufacturing error, and the arm folded to one side, dragging the platform over.
    Strange that I can’t see anything attached to the arm though, so what was it trying to lift? or could the arm have failed all by itself.
    Also interesting is that the side-platform is missing – I wonder how well it was attached.

    The problem with the above is whether the damage to the crane happened before it fell over or after. The damage could have been caused by the arm hitting the barge.
    What was it trying to lift????

    • rostit says:

      More than likely someone did not monitor or control the water ballast in the main barge. The crane is only meant to life in front, under the boom. It is not made to left laterally or from the sides. If the ballast tanks were not even and one side took on the wrong amount of water the weight of the boom would pull the entire structure over easily. The way the bent arm looks, I would bet it bent when it slammed into the barge. If it had a load on it, the top of the boom would be twisted and not bent.

    • Hirsh says:

      You’re over analyzing it looking for answers that aren’t there. It seems obvious to me the arm folded during the impact with the side platform barge as it tipped over. Why it tipped is the question…

  8. Ulrike Meinhof says:

    Easily happens if loosing control over the correct balancing point for a moment, seen that happened to smaller cranes before. Guess the driwer was new to the type. Lycky no people died, that´s what realy matters after all… It allways possilbe to repair the crane. Can´t blame the person to hard for an accident at my opinion, but guess he had to clean porslein after this…

  9. aren says:

    It is tragic that this happened.. From what I have read, nobody died as a result. Thank God! For those that were injured, my prayers go out to them.

  10. D. Bunker says:

    Somebody got some ‘splainin’ to do!

  11. ptc says:

    Look like it does not felt down, but whole ship (this crane is a ship) simply capsized because of inbalance. These smaller ships on the left and right should prevent the crane from capsizing, but they cannot hold 3000 tons. Small inbalance in the weight on the ropes – whole ship capsized. There should be huge steel bars mounted between the three sheps, no simple ropes (which cannot hold it).

  12. Archy Bunka says:

    A miracle no one was killed. That barge was much too small for the crane.
    This was an extremely expensive accident. Insurance may not cover it for such stupidity.

  13. sepu says:

    or the driver was just drunk

  14. tommy says:

    all cranes are doomed to collapse in the end

  15. T says:

    Looks like the side pontoons were only lashed with ropes rather than being bolted to the crane barge. Once it started to go to one side there was no stability. Question then is why did it start leaning? The last two photos seem to show the steel of the arm is quite corroded where the welds have split.

  16. T says:

    How to remove it? That arm is scrap, cut it up and then salvage the barge.

  17. DougW says:

    That type of crane can’t handle off-center loads. I’m guessing the load shifted or the carriage wasn’t set properly and that caused the crane to tip over. That damage is probably due to impact with the barge.

  18. Maike says:

    Only a small remark: It’s not two “boats” which are connected to the cranes swimming platform, these are barges as they are not equpped with an own propulsion system. Boats are always able of independent movement control while barges rely on boats to be manouvered.

  19. tchjebu says:

    What a suprise that this happens in Russia-

  20. AH&D5299 says:

    The way it flipped over on it’s side, it looks like perhaps the barge was leaking and it capsized.

  21. RB says:

    I wonder how they hook the barges to the sides? If the barges are used to make the crane stable then they would have to be a very strong connection. No sign of damage to the barge that went away for a swim.

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