10 Air Base In Kubinka

Air Base In Kubinka

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This time we’ll take you to the air base which is located in Kubinka, the Moscow Region.

In Kubinka, there are headquarters of the group ensuring the fulfillment of the Treaty on Open Skies.

The Т-10М (The Sukhoi Su-35).

These planes were the first in mass production. They turned out to be so reliable and safe that they still fit for use.

The Antonov An-30B.

Preparing for the flight.

It’s going to take off in some minutes.


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10 Responses to “Air Base In Kubinka”

  1. geoff says:

    I only know a little about the open sky treaty but I think any cooperation is a good thing.

  2. spencer says:

    It should be “canopy auto discharge” instead of “lamp auto discharge” on the 2nd page.

  3. Vasia says:

    I think nato forces are laughing when they see those old rusty planes.

    • ayaa says:

      Funny. Most NATO planes also happen to date back to the same era and are just as old.

    • moo says:

      Quite the opposite the Russian’s are laughing at NATO. Have you seen how clean airfields in the west must be? A little peace of debris and there planes cant take off. Russian planes on the other hand can land on non paved airfields.

      • Hirsh says:

        Nonetheless they are always ready to deploy when they need them and the performance of their aircraft is superb too. Just because they don’t do it the “Russian way” doesn’t mean they have a problem. It isn’t a problem.

        • ayaa says:

          In the event of a war between the two, all NATO bases in Eastern Europe are sure to come under attack from Tochkas and Iskanders armed with thermobaric warheads. Even if the runways are hardened, that doesn’t mean that the fire-bombs won’t leave any debris.

          Imagine if you were a pilot returning to base, and discovering that the runway was filled with debris. If you tried to land there, chaces are your engine will go up in flames and take you with it.

          So, yes. It is a problem.

  4. ayaa says:

    I didn’t know that a squadron of Su-35’s were deployed to Kubinka. o_O

  5. niwei says:

    I think mig29 and su27 are the most beautiful Fighter in this world! I like them.

  6. Hola! says:

    Actually, only part of those planes in service, the rest of it is just the retired planes, kept as the “museum”. NATO doesn’t laugh, since it’s informed better. Not to mention this airbase is just a learning base, those planes are for training, not for fight. But good point. The old planes should be taken care of and put into the museums.

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