8 A Military Meeting In Tambov

A Military Meeting In Tambov

An All-Russian military meeting devoted to protection of Russian military objects from terrorists took place in Tambov. The meeting consisted of 4 stages. On the 1st stage vehicles entered the territory of a military unit, a person with false documents was arrested and they detected a suspicious person.

2nd stage gave participants an opportunity to examine military equipment. 3rd stage was organized at a sports ground whereas the 4th one was devoted to display of terrorists.


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8 Responses to “A Military Meeting In Tambov”

  1. ayaa says:

    We had an alternative for dummies and blanks and paintball. The system was simple, and we based it on the FELIN concept. Everyone would plaster themselves in a special bodysuit made of special fabric. Each suit was divided into 28 different grids. Each grid had a special “taser” attached. Everything else went over the electro-suit.

    How it worked was, all the guns used would each be rigged to a laser device. Instead of firing a live round, each gun’s laser would shoot a beam. If the beam hit any part of the electro-suit, the respective “taser” would give an according jolt. Everything was designed to be as realistic as possible. If a laser beam hit the head, chest or groin (lethal areas), then all the tasers would give a jolt, knocking them down (just as if he was shot and killed). If a real bullet hit you in the leg, you would at least buckle, so the leg grids would provide a less powerful jolt. Even grenades and other explosives released a lot of small conductor particles, when they hit, appropriate jolts would be given.

    This was a really safe system, and has several advanatages. It’s realistic which is something that cannot be achieved by dummies, paintball, etc.. More importantly it was safe, something which was impossible if we had the SAS/SBS tradition of using live rounds.

    These troops could really do with them, as could all Russian troopers.

    • dmitri says:

      Sounds great, it should be commercially adapted – instead of poor ASG – no doubt it would be much funnier to play with.

      • ayaa says:

        Yes. But thats a long way off. All the engineers and technicians of my battalion built it oursleves. Barely scraped by the company commander. Don’t think the brigade commander knew anything apart from the usual army gossip.

        We used it a lot, and everyone loved it, but the, erm “old-school” commanders didn’t approve.
        Same everywhere, I suppose.

  2. yojimbo says:

    It always odd to me that way back at the end of WWI several nations did research to discover what of the many WWI helmets was the most protective it turned out that the German Stahlhelm was bar far the most protective.(from shrapnel many think that helmets are bullet proof they are not and this was never the intent of a modern helmets they are to protect from shrapnel)

    Again after WWII a study was held in the US comparing every WWII helmet and again the Stahlhelm was found to be the best.Yet no one fielded helmets based on it.Finally in 1985 the US Army started using the PASGT Kevlar helmet whose basic shape is copied from the Stahlhelm.Now many nations either use the PASGT Kevlar or something very similar.Why did it take so long?They could easily have made steel helmets in similar desgin to the Stahlhelm and then started using Kevlar and other ballistic materials.

  3. j pigden says:

    Enemy identification has to be considered.
    As one soldier put it; “square head, I killed it”. He was referring to the profile of the Stahlhelm. A soldier, under fire, needs every millisecond of advantage he can get, that, alone, is a great reason to make sure your uniform looks different from the enemy.

  4. Uncledoh says:

    is that a “modernized” UAZ-452 from 1965 in the back on one of those pics?

  5. Liam of London says:

    a Tambov wolf is your comrade!

    (the boy wants to go to Tambov, chicki chicki are there)

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