1 Salvaging The Il-2

Salvaging The Il-2

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Fighter Il2 1

This time we’re going to show you how they salvaged the Il-2 which was shot down in 1942 near Demyansk.

The plane is located in a wetland with no roads around. Moreover, the access to the crater with the plane is blocked by the river. To get to the plane one can either by foot or on a swampmobile.

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The plane is lying deep underground and naturally, the crater is filled with water. That’s why they decide to apply two pumps. Since the Honda pump turns out to be not powerful enough, they use it for pumping water into a fire hose to wash away the ground. The other pump, Soviet, made in 1989, is more powerful that is why it is going to pump out water and dirt to the surface.

Fighter Il2 11Fighter Il2 12


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  1. Ulrike Meinhof says:

    Looking forward to follow this!

    Here where i liwe, however very rare (since we where not actually in war (at leat not officially)), there must be some planes burried in the ground too, i even found one once but lack of founds for preserving those artifacts properly in a museum when i asked a local museum if they where interesting in digging. I salvaged a big part of the tailfin (hope it will going to a local museum in a vetern club) and some smaller parts, but i hope those pices of history will be saved in the future here too.

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