10 Minsk Occupation In Photos, Part II

Minsk Occupation In Photos, Part II

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This is a continuation of one of our previous articles covering one of the most tragic events in the history of Minsk, Minsk occupation.

In the picture: a German soldier is taking pictures of the ghetto prisoners.

The Academy of Sciences. Note the pillbox between the columns.

The Academy of Sciences, 1944. The pillbox is still there.

A photo of the policemen parade taken from top of the White House.

Curt von Gottberg and Vsevolod Rodko are examining the formation.

Curt von Gottberg and Vsevolod Rodko.

Mikhail Ganko is reporting to Curt von Gottberg.

Mikhail Ganko and Curt von Gottberg.

Ostrovsky and Ganko.

Curt von Gottberg is welcoming president of the Central Rada Radoslav Ostrovsky. In May, 1945 Curt von Gottberg, being in captivity in Great Britain, will commit suicide.

Luftwaffe auxiliary personnel.

The Recreation Center which during the occupation acquired the name of ‘Offizierheim’ (meaning ‘officer’s house’).

A column of Luftwaffe auxiliary personnel.

They spread these agitation flyers among young men.

‘Byelorussian boys and girls! Join us!’

‘Byelorussian boys and girls, this is your sign! This is your future!’

Soldiers of Belarusian Land Defence.

Soldiers of Belarusian Land Defence, 1944.

‘Let Byelorussian national culture flourish!’ ‘Victory over Bolshevism is freedom of Belarus!’

Recruits swearing an oath.

Ostrovsky personally examines Belarusian Land Defence soldiers.

A German officer’s doing the same.

Gottberg is checking soldiers’ skills.

A Byelorussian officer’s talking to common people.

Gottberg is decorating Nadezhda Abramova.

Gottberg and Ostrovsky with some women.

They look like policemen.


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10 Responses to “Minsk Occupation In Photos, Part II”

  1. Ostyak-Vogul says:

    A proof that people disliked soviet rule: when the nazis came, they all took party with them in Byelorussia!

  2. Tomala says:

    if Germans didn’t kill so many Slavish, Nazis could win II war. Because of soviet crimes.

    • ayaa says:

      Enlighten me. How could Nazis have won even if they hadn’t killed over 25 million Slavs?

      • Hirsh says:

        They couldn’t have. Had they sided with the Nazis they would have just went down with them. If it came down to it, by ’45 Nazi Germany would have gotten a nuclear bomb up their ass if that’s what it took to end the war.

  3. Hirsh says:

    With American politics i always say voting comes down to the lesser of two evils…but these folks really know what that means. Nazis or Stalin make take your pick.

  4. komentator says:

    Where is that lowlife-anticommunist scum to comment on nazi crimes.I bet they will write 100 comment if this is about gulags.

    • Hirsh says:

      I tried, oh i tried. As much as i tried i couldn’t keep it unoffensive enough to pass English Russia’s sensibilities. It was very short and to the point. Blame them for the lack of honest sentiments about this atrocity…

  5. david says:

    Here’s the thing: Today Ahmadinejan says this never happened, and Putin is backing him with nuclear technology, just to piss off America. What would the fallen heroes that fought Hitler thing of that?

  6. chutullu says:

    guys. stop hating and stop juding this time. its over. and you all should be lucky that you DONT lived in those times! amen

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