19 Declassified Bunker Of The USSR

Declassified Bunker Of The USSR

Would you like to visit a former secret object of the USSR which is declassified now?

In 1960 no Moscovite knew who inhabited the regular house. Sometimes the light was on in the house and figures of people could be seen from the windows. The ground floor looked strange enough as its windows built up. And only a few officials with a corresponding access to secrecy knew what was going on there.

A massive concrete dome which is marked in gray in the picture was hidden under the simple brick walls.


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  1. kbr says:

    every country has such bunkers.

  2. aleister says:

    Why are there modern LCD monitors in an old bunker like this?

    • Paul says:

      I was asking myself the same thing. Even if it is a CRT display, still the flat screen did not come out until the 1990s. (That we know of ….)

    • Anthony says:

      Perhaps functioning examples of the original period monitors (CRTs?) are unavailable or far too expensive. It wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve heard in the past that NASA had to buy decades old hospital equipment on eBay for parts since it was the cheapest place to buy compatible parts for shuttles.

  3. Fin says:

    In Finland our biggest bunker is used to store nuke-stuff.

  4. gwern says:

    I was impressed by the depth – until I noticed the bunker connected to the subway. That’s a pretty deep subway!

    • Dellwyn Mallory says:

      In Moscow subway are really very deep, as it has been built not for transportation purposes only, but also to be a shelter for part of civilians in case of nuclear war.

  5. Mal says:

    Another great article from English Russia. The fact that this was so shallow… and the small diameter doors meant this was more of a “show and tell” site. Real blast doors are like the ones in a bank vault – several feet thick.

  6. A.Oscar says:

    Impression ant the quantity and larger bunkers; couldn’t be possible the Government, looking into remodel again to be used. Human thoughts of using nuclear bombs: could come around again. Many people could be saving in those bankers. That is why I have been mention about Russian people get friendly with the rest of Europeans, Russia are most part of Europe, and get them to invest in Russia, most in Siberia. I mention also Russia could have one hundred of million people more, if we considered the size of the country. Will be beneficial for Russia: and the rest, of European countries too. Mr. Vladimir Putin could look into those issues serious about it. Also Russia should be the central; for the exploration of Interplanetary Cosmos, or Universe .I would like to mention of change the interplanetary vehicles. I am sure we have them in the Cosmos, must be life in some planet, and I real know would be possible engines using hydrogen and electromagnetism, both are up there. Also the gravity could be used been attract. The velocity of such interplanetary vehicles; already exist some here, in the Cosmos. I am not crazy, and also not involved with science fiction. I wish could somebody believe me in Russia. Not everything we could use for fun; and because human nature are crazy, we have to be anonymous . A.Oscar

  7. Paul says:

    Someone set us up the bomb.

  8. Q says:

    Less Femen and more of these please!

  9. Zardoz says:

    Why these consoles with LCD monitors looks that are from Star Trek ??

  10. peaches says:

    anyone know the significance of the “UБ” on the downed pilot’s uniform?

    i figure the LCDs are either the most obvious admission of BS, or perhaps they’re just cheaper to run all day then tube displays. (which also have that lovely blue from some soviet era cockpits

  11. ms says:

    That’s supposed to be US.

  12. David says:

    Those cold war era LCD screens are captured alien technology from all those UFOs that malfunctioned in cold-as-shyte Siberia.


  13. TT says:

    Great article, I want more of this! Its a rare opportunity to see such places

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