6 A Town That Will Disappear Soon

A Town That Will Disappear Soon

People can not deceive nature. Sooner or later it will conquer back all the territories that belonged to her in the past.

Many million years ago the territory of the present Perm region was occupied by the Perm Sea. The sea dried out later leaving the unique Verchnekamsk potassium deposit instead. First saltworks here were observed in 1430. In Soviet times mineral production was expanded considerably leading to the union of several villages into one town. 4 mines surround the town.

In 1986 one mine far from the town was flooded and a sink was formed on its surface.The slope mine under the town was slowly filled with salt brine making the surface subside. The buildings are removed as life in them is dangerous due to a high risk of sink formation. What you see in the picture is the first sink.


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6 Responses to “A Town That Will Disappear Soon”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Great post. I would only edit it thus: Nature doesn’t need to reconquer us, we are it’s perpetual prisoners. It is the warden, forever.

  2. George Johnson says:

    I wonder about this is the USA also. All the oil pumping, and various mines. Sooner or later, that land over the “holes” that were left, may collapse.

  3. Kobelev says:

    :) nice, i’ve seen this on a major romanian tv channel just now, so nice to see it; you are popular my friend,

  4. OLUT says:

    They are doing major work on my street, and they have these large metal covers over the holes. Sometimes the covers wobble when cars drive over them. Every time I drive on my street, I expect the holes to turn into this. I just hope they don’t!

  5. NAWI says:

    i think there’s alot of places in the world like this. it’s sinking here and there.. i’m sure it can be filmed!

  6. At least it’s not bath salt :-)

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