26 Tskhinvali After The War

Tskhinvali After The War

Everybody remembers the war in the result of which Ossetia separated from Georgia. Let's visit Tskhinvali and see how the city has changed.

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No major changes can be observed in the city. Many new buildings are erected but traffic roads are very bad. Before the war the place used to have nice roads. In case of rains driving through the city becomes difficult.

The road is covered with piles of sand, chips and plaster. The city is under reconstruction and people are trying to live better.


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26 Responses to “Tskhinvali After The War”

  1. tom says:

    Looks very much like in Bulgaria.
    Excluding tanks on the streets and buildings that were shot.

  2. zx10R says:

    “Russia has allocated a huge sum of money for reconstruction of the city…”
    Yea right! Give us official reliable source where this is stated.

      • zx10R says:

        And? Where do you see that actually Georgians (not South Ossetians) have received any funds?

        • ayaa says:

          Umm. This is Tshkhnvali. In Ossetia. Why would Russian give anything to Georgia? (Anything that might benefit them atleast)

          • Hirsh says:

            I think you missed his point. He said Georgians, not Georgia. There’s a difference ayaa. Ethnic Georgians live in South Ossetia too and suffered just the same as everyone else during the war. Does Russian aid to rebuild and compensate civilian victims of the war go to all in the independent state of South Ossetia, or just those the Russians sided with based on ethnic loyalties? Because part of post war reconstruction includes healing wounds and bridging divides otherwise it remains the same ethnically divided clusterf..k that’s lead to multiple military interventions in the first place. that seems to be what zx10R is implying. That the ethnic Georgians who are now “South Ossetians” like everyone else in the country are not getting treated fairly.

            • ayaa says:

              lol. Why do you think everyone is so worked up about what Russia did in Georgia, (while so conveniently forgetting what the Georgians themselves did, to started all this).

              Because a lot of Georgians were forced out of Abkhazia and S.Ossstia. And the it was Russian tanks, APC’s and IFV’s that were helping the local fighters drive them out.


  3. Addy says:

    This is not amphibious LuAZ! It´s just a regular one, amphibious model is a whole different thing. But since it has the same engine that ZaZ, it´s a total piece of crap. It overheats like hell, since it has an air-cooling, not water-cooling. And the brakes….

  4. kasztan says:

    What brakes?

  5. Ostyak-Vogul says:

    This is Georgia. This is a place occupied by Russia. When Russia will effing understand that neighbooring countries are independant?

  6. raaa says:

    It look’s very manipulated relation. There are many worse places in russia then this above (no roads etc). All comments looks like pro russia propaganda. In Warsaw Pact countries we know this propaganda! But this same crap of propaganda is everywere. In US too (Irak). Differences between good and bad are disappear… Only $ and oil. …

  7. ppetr says:

    This LuAZ isnt amphibious, only 967M, This is 969.

  8. Stars says:

    “The roads are in bad condition?” Are you fcuking kidding me? They were driving along with tracked vehicles and tanks! Have you seen what 45 ton tank does to asphalt road when it moves or turns? only rubble is left. Isn´t this obvious why the roads are gone?

    • endrik says:

      Do yourself a favor, go visit any post-Soviet state and broaden your horizons. There is a lot of roads with pavement completely gone without ever a tank on it. Just Soviet ‘quality’ and total lack of maintenance ever after.

  9. George Johnson says:

    Don’t know where the money has gone? Check the politicians and their friends and family, and you’ll likely find it.

  10. Archy Bunka says:

    Where’s the money? Give me a break. The first real aid South Ossetia receives and the wrestler steals it. The Russians came in and cleaned the place up, not to repave the roads, that’s what the aid was for, but aid all gone!

  11. Hirsh says:

    So has the independent state of South Ossetia been internationally recognized by anyone besides Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela?

  12. Maxx says:

    I have some pictures, from what looks like the same photographer, that is from shortly after they arrived with all the tanks. They are marked Tblisi.

    • ayaa says:

      Really? Russian tanks in Tbilisi? Maybe those tanks are Georgians trying to reinforce their forces in the north.

      Do you have a link?

  13. Hirsh says:

    Russians red flagging the truths they don’t want to hear into oblivion as usual. lol, as if that changes anything in the real world.

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