4 Cool Cause Too Small

Cool Cause Too Small

Posted on November 17, 2011 by

One creative and very talented guy under the nickname "dno" makes amazing miniature things and keeps no secrets of how he does it!

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This jam jar is 11 millimeters tall and has a diameter of 8 millimeters!

They look like real, aren't it? But in fact these are just regular painted capacitors.


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4 Responses to “Cool Cause Too Small”

  1. Salty. S says:

    Awesome handjobs. Salty!

  2. briedis says:

    That is sick! The hardest part is to imagine – what materials to use… amazing job!

  3. DougW says:

    Wow! simply Wow!

  4. Indo says:

    i like a russian hand made tools, it’s very accurate & detail :D

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