18 What Is There Deep Underground?

What Is There Deep Underground?

Today we’ll go to the most unusual and beautiful place we have ever visited lately. But before we’ll have to reach the bottom of a very deep well.

Having gone 35 meters deep one can have a break and eat a bit of chocolate to feel a surge of energy.

The small aperture leads to another tunnel. Now we are 65 meters deep.

A huge cavity of a mineral vein goes even deeper.

The place accomodates ore that fell here from the upper layers. How do you like the petroleum lamp, by the way?

We’ll have to cross 10 other meters of the vertical well. After that the well will become horizontal.

It seems that time has stopped here. It is too silent here as if no people have visited the place for several years.

The floor is covered with ice. Green ore is seen everywhere and is in ideal state.

The huge log can hardly bear the pressure.

The hole was intended for water drainage. It is all covered with ice and there is no chance to go through it.

Some doors led to rooms.

Inside a room there was a table.

Somebody was trying to build a room but failed.

Entrance to another mine.

It is impossible to reach the bottom as the back-bone is covered with ice and is rotten.

Mines like this one are interesting as they have many rooms and old objects inside.

One reservoir goes deep and is absolutely straight. It is very clean and no stone can be found on the ground.

Condition of the mine is good in spite of its age.

That remote part of the mine is flooded.

It is here where real beauty begins.

via  mishainik

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18 Responses to “What Is There Deep Underground?”

  1. andris says:

    what is radiation level of this uranium mine?

  2. Hirsh says:

    “It is too silent here as if no people have visited the place for several years.” – Because they haven’t, for damned good reasons.

    “Condition of the mine is good in spite of its age.” – If you say so ER, if you say so…

    Curious how deep they were when they found the ice. Presumably the flooded (still liquid) levels are deeper then the frozen ones???

  3. Ostyak-Vogul says:

    So effing dangerous!

  4. Hirsh says:

    Hmmm… another comment lost to the ether. I guess ER doesn’t like posting links back to the livejournal blog that these photos came from?

    Oh well, follow the “mishainik” below the last photo above. Then cut the real address out of the address bar(lose the 2leap part) then past in back in. Or just paste the link in google and click translate for English.

    If you go to the main page there’s some great stuff there. In one mine they go ice skating and there’s a really cool video of it. Looks like these folks have a lot of fun with what they do! :)

    • ayaa says:

      Hey. On the post about the 16th spetsnaz brigade, I mentioned the same point, and you were the only one to disagree. Where’s the justice?!!!


      • Hirsh says:

        Sorry, ayaa. I think you misunderstood what i meant. You stated “These pictures originally came from (link removed by me) Isn’t that plagiarism?!” and I replied “I’m confused. Isn’t everything published on English Russia taken from someone else’s website? How is this different?”

        I was just confused why you took a strong stand on that particular post being plagiarism, when that critisism is valid for most ER posts? ER doesn’t produce any original content. In the upper left corner of the site they plainly state this fact and where the photos do come from.

        • ayaa says:

          Aah. I c.

          The reason I “took a strong stand” on that particular post was because it directly concerned me.

          • Hirsh says:

            I see, figured it was something like that. Just because something is an “open source” doesn’t mean it’s free for the taking. that’s another matter entirely.

      • Hirsh says:

        BTW you did not mention the same point. My point above wasn’t that this is plagariasm (i’m not taking a stand on that either way.) My point was i tried twice to DIRECT LINK to the source, one the the main blog, the other was another cool mine they go ice skating in and shot video of. Each time they deleted those posts. However, my using the work around method of describing how to get there, by following the link ER leaves at the bottom photo of each page,(via mishainik, above) that seems to be fine with them.

        Problem is when i click that link in Chrome it doesn’t actually load the guys blog but a main 2leap page instead, but the guys blog link does show in the URL to copy and paste.

    • geoff says:

      Hirsh You virtually called me a liar when I told you the moderators deleted half my sentence.

      • Hirsh says:

        If i virtually (meaning: nearly; almost) called you a lier then i didn’t actually call you a lier. But nice use of weasel words to make it sound like i did. :p

        during that little back and forth you accused the moderators of adding smiley faces to my posts to make them seem more good natured then they realy are too, yet they’ve never done anything of the sort with my comments. Delete some of them? Yes. Changed a few words or cut a comment a bit short to make it less harsh, Yes. But add smileys? No, no to my comments. Perhaps they do for your posts? entirely possible. They do whatever they want with comments.

        • Hirsh says:

          lier=liar, and my apologies for that geoff. You confused me because the comment they deleted you then managed to repost, so i thought you had got bitten by the caching issue with ER and thought that your comment didn’t get through when it actually did.

          Anyway sorry your’e still feeling butt hurt about that. My apologies, would you like some Gold Bond powder to help sooth the pain? :) :) :)

          • geoff says:

            Hirsh We cannot buy Gold Bond powder here but we have other baby soothers :)……so I should be right. Mate your last sentence has THREE yellow smiley faces!

            • Hirsh says:

              That’s because i took a cue from Russians and purposely used smileys too excess to make my point! Seriously. I did! lol

              As i’m writing this i see a total of six smileys on this page, left my me (4), ayaa (1), and you (1). Your mileage may vary dude… ER is strange like that!

              Anyway sorry for anything i’ve said that may still bother you. Some comments bothered me. I said my piece about it and it is done with and in the past for me. Life is too short to take what anyone says on the internet seriously, myself included.

  5. Gnostic says:

    What is the attraction of a cold dark damp hole. our bones will spend eternity in one

  6. tommo says:

    Incredible photos, thank you! Be careful though. Someone was killed in my country (Australia) doing this recently.

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