13 The Brewing Museum In Lviv

The Brewing Museum In Lviv

If you happen to be in Lviv, don’t forget to visit a brewing museum. Cost of tickets for those who plan to taste the bear will be a bit higher.

The museum has 6 halls that are accommodated on 600 square meters of land.

You will have a chance to look through exhibits that will tell you about the history of brewing development in Lviv and see a short movie about the brewing factory.

The car was used for delivering beer to customers.

The museum is connected with a drinking-house.

Modern products of the factory.

The bottles were sold in Soviet times.

Very old bottles.



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13 Responses to “The Brewing Museum In Lviv”

  1. edam says:

    Hey, There are polish posters. Does this brevery has a polish background, history or even it was polish?

  2. filip says:

    been there, very nice place :)

  3. Agusia says:

    For me, beer is like sausage. I’d rather not know how it is made.

  4. Jakub Gł/ says:

    Polski akcent ;P miło widziany ;d Advertisement is written in polish :p nice to see :D

  5. YJ says:

    It has a German feel to it.

  6. ugn says:

    yes yes, all the planet was polish once before… learn history, Poles, not from you nationalistic books, but from real history.

    • Les says:

      Then you probably know that until the war in Lwów Poles and Jews made up almost the entire population while in rural areas of East Galicia (countryside surrounding Lwów) Ukrainians had a clear majority. Then it’s no wonder that a brewery as an urban establishment has strong Polish roots. And there’s no reason why Poles and Ukrainians as brothers couldn’t be mutually proud together of the diverse history of the area.

    • asdf says:

      So, where was Lviv from 1364-1772 and 1920-1939? In Soviet Union? :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Cost of tickets for those who plan to taste the bear will be a bit higher.”

    Yeah, I imagine those tickets /would/ be a bit more expensive. Probably requires a waiver, too… Bear tasting’s bound to be a risky venture.

  8. Ivanoff says:

    Little nations always have ideas of false grandeur and constantly fight among themselves to show their self-deluded importance.

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