9 On Top Of The Heat Electropower Station

On Top Of The Heat Electropower Station

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Novosibirsk Heat Electropower Station #5 is one of the largest and most powerful heat electropower stations in Russia. It produces 50% of electricity of the region – 24 million kWh per day. It has a smoke flue of 180 meters tall and another smoke flue of 260 meters tall, which makes it the tallest construction in the city.

The smoke flues.

On top! From here you can see three water cooling towers, inside of which it’s very noisy and steamy.

The 180-meter-tall smoke flue.

Under the water cooling towers.

A wall of water!

This is what it turns into when it’s freezing!

There’s snow, ice and fog everywhere.

Location: Novosibirsk

via dedmaxopka

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  1. Marfa says:

    that’s my sphere of intrest =) heat and power engineering

  2. Dee_Ann says:


  3. six-string samurai says:

    awesome photos

  4. Petio from Bulgaria says:

    “Electropower Station” = “POWER-PLANT”?

  5. Lusker 41 says:

    Cool exploring N climb

  6. Rocketman says:

    i just want to give a hi-five to the photographer
    thank you!

  7. elfik59 says:

    napierdalam na drutach
    [w wolnych chwilach banuje na wykopie]

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