10 Exploring the Ilyushin Il-76TD

Exploring the Ilyushin Il-76TD

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Today we’re at Norilsk Airport, exploring the Ilyushin Il-76TD.

The Il-76TD was built as a military aircraft but later given civilian designations.

Payload is 50 tons.

Maximum takeoff weight is 190 tons.

The first flight was made on May 5th, 1982.

In the picture: the aircraft is being loaded.

The Il-76 has seen extensive service as a commercial freighter for ramp-delivered cargo, especially for outsized or heavy items unable to be otherwise carried.

Its round fuselage is divided into several hermetic bays: the cockpit, the navigator cabin (under the cockpit), the cargo bay and a bay with a couple of the Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23L automatic cannons (in military versions).



‘Russian Sky’.

It has four new turbojet engines PC-90A-76. Before that they used 12000 kgf D-30KP engines.

Open reverser doors.

A service man is taking off covers from pilot-static tubes, which means that the aircraft is having a flight soon.

The plane’s engines sound like nothing else, so you’ll always recognize it.


Air vents.

Each half-wing has a five-section slat and two tripple-slotted wing flaps.

The crew’s waiting for a permission to take off.

Have a safe flight!

Location: Norilsk

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10 responses to “Exploring the Ilyushin Il-76TD”

  1. Poupou-en-guyane says:

    Pitot tubes…not pilot tubes !!!

  2. ayaa says:

    Those engines are nothing compared to an An-124. Far more powerful and much better plane.

    • yojimbo says:

      So true I have seen a few An-124s flown by Volga-Dnepr they are used often by smaller nations that have little long range air cargo ability.From what I understand the IL-76 engines have rather poor power output a common issue of Soviet designed turbine engines for some time(speaking generally).

      You can find videos on youtube of air traffic controllers laughing at the sight of an IL-76 taking off I just the simple truth then plane has weak engines.The most comparable aircraft the C-141(no longer in use) was superior.

      The IL-76 is not a very good example of Russian aeronautical engineering to be frankly honest.

      • ayaa says:

        I’ve been on a An-124 with two T-80’s in the back. Each one weighing 45-50tons. The flight was stable and I had no worries.
        But on the return trip, it was on a IL-76 with a T-72. Not nearly as safe, and on takeoff the engines were straining and a T-72 weighs around 40-45 tons.

        The IL-76’s are perfect for troop transport, but they suck at heavy airlifts.

  3. Sergei says:

    This is the version with D-30KP. PS-90 is wider and reverse them like a Boeing.

  4. DerWaldfuerst says:

    Those are the D-30KP engine on there, not the PC-90A-76.
    The D-30s are installed on the Tu-154 as well, and they truly have an awsome sound. Absolutely beauiful.

  5. Stoner NW says:

    Sitting in the lower cockpit looks like fun!

  6. Midas says:

    The problem with most guys is that they speak with a huge ego and limited knowledge! The Ilyushin IL-76 is an excellent example of soviet engineering. The D-30KP engines may not be the most powerful, cleanest burning or most economical engines however they have one thing – extreme reliability! This is much more than could be said for the Lockheed C-5A galaxy! The D-30KP engines are more than adequate for the weights for which it was originally been certified (40 tonnes), the problem is that this limits are often exceeded and ignored! By the way, 40tonnes is more than twice what the C-130 Hercules can handle – and that is plenty as far as lifting capabilities go!

  7. Midas says:

    With the new upgraded PS-90A-76 engines, the IL-76 had a lease of new life. Hence a new and upgraded aircraft is being built again, with modern engines (aforementioned), modern avionics, aerodynamic improvements, a stretched fuselage and increased MTOW to allow for a maximum payload of 60 tonnes! The new IL-76 will henceforth be known as IL-476!

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