3 Aeronautical Research Institute Named After Chaplygin

Aeronautical Research Institute Named After Chaplygin

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Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute named after S. A. Chaplygin is the largest research institute located in the eastern part of Russia. Here they assemble the An-2, the A-57, the Su-26 and the Su-27, and carry out fatigue tests of more then 200 types of aircrafts, including the supersonic Tu-144, the aerospace vehicle 'Buran', the Tu-204, and the Su-27.

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Right now they are testing the SSJ-100, the T-50 and the MS-21. Here they also construct flying testbeds, project the Il-476, and test the reconstructed legendary attack plane Il-2.

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) is a Russian passenger aircraft, made by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company in cooperation with a number of other foreign companies.


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  1. ayaa says:

    I thought that tanks looked the ugliest when stripped down to the chassis and superstucture. But looking at that Su-35 airframe…..

  2. yojimbo says:

    The Su-35 picture it seems as though this airframe is in some sort of test rig.It looks like the entire is set up for this testing my guess is that these rigs are used stress test the airframes.It looks like the planes are set in a scaffold of some sort and that those numerous blocks covering certain surface areas I am guessing that this is designed to test the airframe to failure.It is a special facility defiantly not what would been in a normal factory or active duty hangar.

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