15 The Place To Study The Laws Of Physics

The Place To Study The Laws Of Physics

Do you miss classes in physics you had at school? Or do you want your children to get interested in the subject? Then there is a museum you should definitely visit.

Basic laws of physics are demonstrated in a museum called Experimentarium in Moscow. It is designed for children. However, 60% of parents who accompany their children can’t explain the physical phenomena represented in the museum. It’s sad as elementary laws of physics must be known by anybody. The balls in the picture demonstrate the laws of preservation of energy and impulse.

Models of perpetual motion machines.

Processes that take place in a beam bridge.

An arch bridge.

One can participate in the process of its construction.

The lever.

The law of Archimedes.

Here one can see how a level works.


Blocks in action.

You can even lift your parent if you wish.

The cones are equal in weight. They have different slopes.

Can you solve the riddle?

Not every adult can.

A hammer.

The cone moves up under the influence of mass centre.

The Maxwell’s Pendulum.

Would you like to sit on the chairs all covered in nails?


Does not it remind of Jupiter?

A home-made tornado.

Air bubbles go up in water, glycerin and oil.


How musical instruments work.

Put you head in the box and guess what was dropped on it. That was a joke. Actually the box protects the one who is in from side noise, so you need to scream when your head is inside.

The louder you scream, the more lamps are on.

Normal distribution.

Interactive games for kids.

Optic illusions.

‘Yellow blue orange black red green pink yellow red orange green black blue red pink green blue orange’

Every word here is misspelled. What you need is to read the abstract in spite of mistakes. It says that the order of letters in a word is not important. But the first and the last letter letters must occupy the right place. Then you will be able to read any text without problems.

And now a bit of anatomy. Ear.



The embryo is 4 weeks old.

This one is 9 weeks old.

3 months old.

4 months.

6 months.


An experimental set.

Location: Moscow

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  1. geoff says:

    I tihnk Taht pclae is trerific :)

  2. moo says:

    I went to a field trip in SF area once to a place like this I don’t remember what it was called as i was still in elementary school.

  3. Satan Claus says:

    Mega Cool!

  4. allyako says:

    Oh my little brother would LOVE it !

  5. Douglas says:


  6. Great idea for a museum.It invites curiosity and participation in the laws of nature and mechanics.

  7. Mih says:

    Wow! would love to visit it

  8. oernii says:


  9. six-string samurai says:

    I argee :D

  10. j pigden says:

    The one in Toronto, Canada is called The Ontario Science Centre.

  11. Hirsh says:

    Reminds me of good times at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute when i was young.

  12. Ty-ty says:

    Where is this?

  13. Stojan G says:


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