2 What You Did Not Know About Metro Stations

What You Did Not Know About Metro Stations

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Road regulations must be observed underground too. You don't think anymore that you know everything about the Moscow Metro after reading our previous articles about it, do you (1, 2)? Do you want to find out more about it and its utility lines? So, go ahead!

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With these enormous ventilators they ventilate the tunnels and stations of the metro.

The ventilators from behind.


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  1. ZeroDrop says:

    This underground building technology is fantastic! Seems like these tunnels will last forever!

  2. j pigden says:

    The hermetic doors are more commonly use as fire protection. They allow parts of the system to be sealed off in the event of accident and fire. Any fumes can then be vented out of the tunnels before they spread beyond the immediate area. This protects crowds at stations beyond the fire location and limits the number of casualties.

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