1 The Motor Ship That Suffered From The Fire

The Motor Ship That Suffered From The Fire

On November 14 the fire broke out on the motor ship Sergei Abramov. The entire neighborhood was covered with smoke. Nothing could be seen due to it.

All three decks were on fire.

The part of the ship that was on fire could not be saved.

31 people were aboard the ship. 15 of them were visitors of the restaurant. Four people suffered from the fire, two of them were taken to the hospital.

Fire fighting measures were taken almost immediately.

After the fire had been extinguished rescuers continued removing those constructions that had been burnt.

The fire spread fast enough because of a large amount of fuel aboard.

The three-deck motor ship Sergei Abramov was built in Czechoslovakia in 1960.

It was reconstructed in 2003.

It was believed to be one of the best river cruise ships.

The ship was named after a person who is alive till now which is seldom met as ships are always named after famous people who died some time ago.

Many people know the ship well as it participated in movie shooting.

The vessel is intended for 146 passengers, it is 96.18 meters long and 14.99 meters wide.

It could cover 25 km an hour.

The fire was given three out of five on the fire danger scale.

The firefighters could localize the fire after midday.

It is believed now that the ship is not subject to reconstruction.

Location: Moscow

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