5 How They Make Movies At Lenfilm

How They Make Movies At Lenfilm

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‘Lenfilm’ has opened an exhibition called ‘How Movies are Made’ where they tell about making oldest Russian movies: from the scenario to the premiere. There you’ll see the camera, which shot the greatest Russian movies, old projectors, bulky sound recording equipment, scenery parts, costumes, movie billboards, photos, and many other interesting things. For the first time the viewer will be able to see what’s going on off-camera.

The gem of the exhibition is the dress which Elizabeth Taylor wore in ‘Blue Bird’, awards of ‘Lenfilm’, and other valuable artifacts.

The main building of ‘Lenfilm’.

Behind this unremarkable door there is the exhibition.

A make-up room.

The director’s room.

A work table.

Elizabeth Taylor’s dress.

Some things from ‘Sherlock Holmes’.


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  1. nazir says:

    Nice work.

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  3. I love those materials they use in the movie sets. I love to have one of those from my favorite movies.

  4. Backi says:

    Very interesting blog. I enjoy your blog, pictures are so nice in your blog….

  5. Movie says:

    I enjoyed laughing loudly in the cinema while watching this movie. It makes you put the troubles behind your head and just laugh.

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