10 Where To Hide In Case Of A Disaster?

Where To Hide In Case Of A Disaster?

Would you like to visit an empty shelter hidden under a functioning institution? It is in a very good condition and can be easily used in case there is a need.

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Control centre superintendent

After an alarm signal employees of the institution need to enter the shelter through the door.


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10 Responses to “Where To Hide In Case Of A Disaster?”

  1. Patrick(TH) says:

    does this place is a demo?

  2. Mummeli says:

    Finally some great descriptions :) Love the pink flashlights.

  3. Ostyak-Vogul says:

    All this is so unuseful… Who is ever going to bomb Russia now?

  4. Osip says:

    Where is the food and the water?

  5. raaa says:

    Well maintained.
    Recently I read about the shelter at the factory Huta Warsaw (Poland Capitol). Here is a link to the article (already translated by google) http://goo.gl/MDAfg This kind of shelter were very popular in Warsaw Pact.

  6. Provost says:

    “Doors where blackened in order to make people more cheerful”
    Seems like the kind of room that needed a black door to make it more cheeful.

  7. Jozo says:

    Is there something wrong with me that I want to live here?

  8. kuvsheerov says:

    flashlights and the antidotes are cute!

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