9 The Bunker That Belongs To Cats Today

The Bunker That Belongs To Cats Today

Posted on November 14, 2011 by

Military men abandoned this bunker which used to be a communication center a year ago, but since its admission is free and it’s was warm and light inside, it was quickly occupied by cats.

Located at the ground level, it has a rather low degree of protection. It has everything necessary to survive a gas or radioactive attack, such as hermetic front doors, air filters, and diesel engines. However, it wouldn’t stand an explosion wave.

As it usually happens, behind this ‘no admission’ sign there are open gates, so welcome!

Transformer kiosks are situated in the street, so it wouldn’t be a problem for an enemy to cut off the power from the communication center.

One of the front doors and a guard tower.

A vent shaft.

Another front access door leading to the canteen, which the sign tells us about.

An emergency exit with a hermetic door and some weird bar.

This is a ‘ventilation scheme of the main buildings of the command post’.

Open hermetic ventilator windows.


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9 Responses to “The Bunker That Belongs To Cats Today”

  1. YJ says:

    Do they have to vacate the place in 15 minutes?

  2. Kent of Sweden says:

    A strange place indeed.
    Some parts clearly abondonded long ago and at the same time, the lights still work.
    Whoever was last to leave clearly forgot to turn the lights off, wonder who pays the bill for the electricity

  3. Mummeli says:

    What still keeps amazing me, is that the state/military continues to refuse selling all those abandoned bunkers, and letting them rot instead. I’m sure there would be a line of buyers, if they decided to sell – just look at what happened to similar bunkers around the world.

  4. rightwing says:

    Nice lady :)

  5. j pigden says:

    “Electricity still on and warm”, so that’s why no one has taken the copper wire!!

  6. w says:

    I am glad the cats have somewhere dry to live but I am sad that hug will likely be their first and only :(

  7. EngrishBob says:

    Women and cats, typical.
    Still, those moggies certainly aren’t totally feral. No way would she still have her face after that if they were.

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