3 Reconstructed Olympiysky, Kiev

Reconstructed Olympiysky, Kiev

Reconstructed Olympiysky 25

They’ve finally reconstructed Olympiysky Sports Complex in Kiev as you know. So, now it looks up-to-date and more European-like. Let’s see some more pictures of the stadium.

Reconstructed Olympiysky 2Reconstructed Olympiysky 3

Now its roof looks this this:

Reconstructed Olympiysky 4

Seats don’t seem that strong though…

Reconstructed Olympiysky 5

The roof was designed and assembled by German builders.

Reconstructed Olympiysky 6Reconstructed Olympiysky 7Reconstructed Olympiysky 8Reconstructed Olympiysky 9

On top!

Reconstructed Olympiysky 10Reconstructed Olympiysky 11

Down there they installed special heaters for the grass to make it feel like it’s warm and the sun’s shining.

Reconstructed Olympiysky 13

Parts of the carcass.

Reconstructed Olympiysky 14Reconstructed Olympiysky 15

Reconstructed Olympiysky 16Reconstructed Olympiysky 17Reconstructed Olympiysky 18Reconstructed Olympiysky 19Reconstructed Olympiysky 20Reconstructed Olympiysky 21Reconstructed Olympiysky 22Reconstructed Olympiysky 23Reconstructed Olympiysky 24Reconstructed Olympiysky 25

The stadium at night.

Reconstructed Olympiysky 26Reconstructed Olympiysky 27Reconstructed Olympiysky 28Reconstructed Olympiysky 29Reconstructed Olympiysky 30Reconstructed Olympiysky 31

Location: Kiev

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3 Responses to “Reconstructed Olympiysky, Kiev”

  1. Bigsexy says:

    looks nice.

  2. Mike Patton says:

    Fabulous looking Stadium, I guess this is where Spain will win the Euro title next year? England will cry and Italy wont even make it to the playoffs!

  3. Renato Brito says:

    The next champion will be Germany.

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