9 Christmas Tree Decoration Factory

Christmas Tree Decoration Factory

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Christmas Tree Decoration Factory 46

In Kiev, there are four factories which produce Christmas tree decorations. Let’s go to one of them and see if we could buy there some decorations at producer price.

Christmas Tree Decoration Factory 1

It’ll take you around one hour to get there from Kiev.

Christmas Tree Decoration Factory 2

To begin with, let’s go to the department where they produce Christmas tree balls.


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9 Responses to “Christmas Tree Decoration Factory”

  1. Robert says:

    i wonder how that girl in pic 8 can hold the glowing glas without gloves.

    • Hirsh says:

      Apparently the stem is still cool enough to hand hold, which makes me wonder how it’s not shattering from the temp differential across glass surface as it’s cooling? Wonder what type of glass tube they’re using? Wish i knew more about this method.

  2. Patrick(TH) says:

    my country got cheap plastic ball from China

  3. DouglasU says:

    I like the shiny ones. These are very labor intensive…..!

  4. Hirsh says:

    Wow, would like to know more about the glass blowing technique used. And if they need a slow cool down period to prevent breakage or what?

    Often i’ve seen that a small kiln, or some kind of pan full of insulating material that the object can be stuck into to slow it’s cool down rate is used, so that it doesn’t shatter.

    If there just doing it all in open air like it looks in the pics, i want to know how to do it.

  5. Sophie says:

    I will never look at a Christmas ball the same again! Thank you so much for the tour! Hopefully, I will be able to go to Russia in person one day to see this factory but for now….your post was super thrilling for me:)

  6. USSR says:

    Hail to masters creating these amazing Christmas tree ornaments in a such an old and rundown factory!!! Great job !!!

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