7 Beautiful Minerals Of Russia

Beautiful Minerals Of Russia

Fersman Museum 40

Are you interested in minerals? Then welcome to Fersman Mineralogical Museum that was organized on the order of Peter the Great and is one of the largest mineral museums of the world.

Fersman Museum 1Fersman Museum 2


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7 Responses to “Beautiful Minerals Of Russia”

  1. Zonda says:

    Wordless… Tnx ER!

  2. geoff says:

    I used to work in the machine shop for a mineral exploration company. They had a lot of displays but nothing like this. We called geodes “thunder eggs”.

  3. BlowME says:

    Very pretty minerals!

  4. banditrider says:

    Now there’s a place I’d love to visit.

  5. yojimbo says:

    Interesting when think about it some minerals like flint where once very valuable to man long ago for everyday use and then a few hundred years ago flint was a primary part of firearms (flintlocks) now it is hardly used for anything.Strange when you think how much flint was used for our very survival 10,000 years ago.

  6. Northreco says:

    The size alone of the malachite pedestal basin is a treasure. Let alone the craftsmanship.You don’t find pices thaat big and they have to be a finished product to export now.
    Geodes. hollow ones are coconuts and solids are thunder eggs.
    The chalcedony is also a piece of petrified wood, check the knot.
    I grew up around lapidary and hounding. Teethed on dino bones as a baby in the Badlands. I would LOVE to spend a few days in here. It’s a treasure for us rock nerds.

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