14 The Brusilov Offensive

The Brusilov Offensive

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On October 30th, 2011, they celebrated the 95th anniversary of the Brusilov Offensive by reconstructing the great battle of WWI.

Before the battle the participants gathered together to listen to some instructions of the coordinators.

At that time they really carried shovels in this way. It was easy to reach and protect the body.

A copy of the first armoured vehicle put into mass production.

According to this officer, the monogram on the shoulder strap is original.

Why red?


This cloth cover performed the function of the thermos. When they needed to keep their water cold, they would just wet it.

The formation before the beginning of the reconstruction.

Prussian infantry men.

A Russian rifleman. They introduced this helmet (M1916) in Russia in 1916.

This is the result of Englishmen and Americans experimenting with the Casque Adrian M1915. With this casque they wanted to protect the eyes of drivers of armoured vehicles.

This casque is called ‘Pickelhaube’. It was a regular German genuine leather casque which was expensive to produce and hard to take care of.

In Russian army apart from domestic machine guns, there were also foreign ones and the machine gun Maxim was one of them.

At the reconstruction, they covered their edges with cartridge cases as a safety measure.

Some commands were given with the help of a drum and a whistle.


Russian machine gunners taking up thier positions.

In the foreground you see British soldiers in their fighting gear.

A working telephone.

The Mosin-nagant (the three-line rifle).

Russian artillery men.

The light machine gun Lewis 1915.

A German soldier is wearing a metal helmet and cuirass.

A medical orderly.

Cavalrymen showed their skills in handling cavalry swords.

Cutting plastic bottles into pieces galloping is not that easy.

One of the banners of the enemy.

This is the first attack of Germans.

A Russian machine gunner.

Russians began to counterattack.

Phone men.

Another attack.

Russians captured Austrian soldiers.

An Austrian and German captives.

Russians had to retreat but were covered by an armoured vehicle.

One of the bombshells broke the armoured vehicle down making it a perfect fire nest for Russians.

Realizing superiority of the enemy, Germans started a gas attack.

After a short break they played another battle: Germans attacking Englishmen and Frenchmen.

A German soldier wearing a steel helmet and a steel coat.

A German infantry man in a trench.

This type of steel coat was very popular at that time. They had a weight of 8-11 kilograms and partially protected the body from bullets and shell splinters.

The cuirass protected the chest and the stomach of the soldier, but sometimes they would wear it back to front to cover the back.

The Maschinengewehr 08 – MG08, a German version of the machine gun Maxim.

A German soldier was killed by a dead shot of the Englishman.


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14 Responses to “The Brusilov Offensive”

  1. ayaa says:

    If only the tactics and techniques used by Brusilov, were recreated elsewhere, against the Ottomans or Germans, the war could have ended differently, for Russia atleast.

  2. yojimbo says:

    One of the reasons WWI was so bloody was because the generals on all sides still fought in the Napoleonic style even though modern weapons clearly made this pure stupidity.People got torn to shreds because they did believe in flanking tactics at all it was just move forward and die.

    The old photo of the Germans with gas masks that reminds of the first British mask it used the ammonia in urine to filter gases so you had to urinate in the mask material every few hours it must have smelled wonderful.

  3. mukmika says:

    20 years later there was even worse carnage, many people today don’t seem to care.

    • yojimbo says:

      Well for one thing I personally do not think that there will ever be wars as massive and violent as WWI and WWII.In modern times people put value on life much higher.

      Now if people see an war that seems to have no purpose they will begin to question what is going on.It is much harder today to convince people to be willing to fight a large war and sometimes it may not have any real effect does the war of terror stop people from terrorizing?

      Americans during the Vietnam war and even Soviets during the Soviet Afghan war realized that people where dying and no goal was being achieved.After that leaders learned to hide much more what the media is allowed to see.

      The real reason that the US and NATO have such interest in Afghanistan is the minerals there.You can effectively counter terror with law enforcement no need to have so many troops in another country unless you are after something else.

      • Adolph Hitler says:

        False flag terror, color revolutions, and detabilization campaigns are the future of warfare. Read The Grand Chessboard to understand what is happening in central Asia. With controlled media is just as easy as ever to get the public support for any war you like. WW3 is in progress.

  4. geoff says:

    yojimbo What an excellent insightful comment.

    • yojimbo says:

      Some of that comes from personal experience.In the US military when they know that the media is going to be about they have the Public Affairs troops come around and tell you this and that and they give little cards telling what to say.Also in general they a very restricted when they can go unlike Vietnam where they could go anywhere they pleased and had little restriction as a result they showed a lot that had never been seen by non combatants.Sometimes they where not always correct likt during Tet in 68 the attacks where a surprise but the US and ARVN pretty much decimated the enemy and American morale was high because they for once could see for sure that they where harming the enemy.But it was true that the COIN was not having any effect and that was the whole bread and butter of the entire war we also failed to realize that we where fighting in a civil war.

      I just say what I know and have have some good friends officers in certain places what they see in Afghanistan makes them very un optimistic as to what is going on there.

  5. George Johnson says:

    Don’t seem to care?
    The US alone has spent billions developing precision guided weapons so we could take out a building next to a school, and not harm the school itself. Not care?

    People have always gone to war. And probably will continue to go to war for generations to come.

    Yojimbo, please, oh please enlighten us as to this fantastic mineral wealth that is in Afghanistan.

    I can assure you, if there is anything worthwhile there, we have no interest in staying there. I know there is some wealth there, but if anything, we’d help them develop it.

    It makes absolutely zero sense to stay there ourselves. Like people have said over and over about the “war for oil”. What oil? We sure haven’t seen it, we don’t even have any private contracts (to speak of) for oil.

    You’re implying that the US and NATO is there to grab this wonderful mineral wealth?

    Sorry, it makes far more sense to let THEM have it and develop it, and produce something besides opium and terror.

    I can’t see any logic, whatsoever, to staying there and “taking” their wealth. (that’s always been the soviet unions specialty, didn’t they “own” just about every “stan” there was, until the breakup and they couldn’t do anything about it? Now you attribute this to the US and NATO? Get real.)

  6. CZenda says:

    Are Putinjugend getting high on Brusilov instead of Stalin recently?

  7. too much vodka says:

    Not enough reenacters with moustaches, as was fashionable back then.

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