9 Fire Department #11 of Zelenograd

Fire Department #11 of Zelenograd

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This October, Moscow Fire Department #11 located in Zelenograd turned 45. It is the oldest fire department of the city which extinguished more than 5 thousand fires and saved over 200 lives.

Among institutions the department is responsible for are the prefecture of Zelenograd, a high-rise business center, two hospitals, a church,  a recreation center, several factories, etc.

‘Fire Department Specialized in Conflagration Type of Fire #11′.

The crew numbers over 90 firefighters; 90 % of them are certified rescuers. 13 firefighters have been presented with ‘rescue’ awards, and 4 received ‘bravery in a fire’ awards.

There are 4 fire teams in the fire department and each one has its own fire trucks and specialization.

The fire bluster tank truck is the first to arrive at any fire.

That is why only most experienced firefighters are allowed to work with it.

The truck has a 3200-liter tank, a fomer, a firewater monitor and a pipe.

It is more than just a tank truck because it is literally stuffed with all kinds of emergency rescue equipment.

It has a lot of space and even a firefighter in his 30-35 kilogram outfit feels comfortable in there.

An older version of the fire bluster tank truck, the so called a fire hose/pump vehicle. It has a 1000-liter foamer and a fire hose/pump storage bay.


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9 Responses to “Fire Department #11 of Zelenograd”

  1. Ottoman says:


  2. MegaByte says:

    Correct the name of the city in the header. It’s not Zelenogorsk but Zelenograd.

  3. ppfd says:

    Thanks for this.
    I am a firefighter/paramedic in the United States. Always in interested in seeing how my brother and sister firefighters operate around the world.

  4. OneMoreToke says:

    What is a smoke sucker?

    • yeoldesnake says:

      This is a special turbine which removes smoke from the premise the fire-fighters are about to enter – to improve visibility and help breathing the people which might be still inside. The most dangerous factor of any fire is not the flame itself but smoke – people easily get disoriented inside of a building and die from choke or poisoning by gas products of combustion.

    • j pigden says:

      Ducted fan to evacuate smoke & fumes from building

  5. moo says:

    Firefighters = <3

  6. _PAPO_ says:

    I am a volunteer fire/paramedic. that had the privilege to work in the aftermath of 9/11. I’m honored to see these pictures of fellow brothers and sisters that risk everything for others. Great post!!!

  7. warren sabean says:

    im a volunteer fire fighter nova scotia canada looks great keepup the good work and stay safe

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