7 Last Way of a Tire

Last Way of a Tire

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Tires Utilization Factory 1

Looking at junkyards full of old tires, you come to understand that car owners of Vladivostok change their tires a lot. Sometimes, they set these tires on fire which pollutes the air greatly. Two years ago they decided to solve this problem by opening a tire recycling factory where they could turn old needless tires into a new stadium track surface. So, here it is!

At the factory they accept tires of all sizes for three rubles (30 cents) for a kilogram.

Tires Utilization Factory 2

A ground in front of the factory.

Tires Utilization Factory 3

They accept damaged tires too. The only condition is that they should have no paint and oil spots and burning marks.

Tires Utilization Factory 4

The production process is harmless and environmentally safe. Before recycling, they pull out the metal wire.

Tires Utilization Factory 5

They cut the middle part of the tire out with the help of this equipment.

Tires Utilization Factory 6

This is the iron wire they pull out.

Tires Utilization Factory 7

They put tire cores aside.

Tires Utilization Factory 8

Then they cut the tire into 10-kilogram pieces, which later go to the hydraulic shearing machine.

Tires Utilization Factory 9

Pieces of tires go to the conveyor one by one.

Tires Utilization Factory 10

Another tire is about to be cut into pieces.

Tires Utilization Factory 11

Then it goes into the crusher, granulator and vibrating table.

Tires Utilization Factory 12Tires Utilization Factory 13Tires Utilization Factory 14

They separate big and small granules which later get into 25-kilogram sacks.

Tires Utilization Factory 15

10 workers and 28 units of equipment produce 1.5 tons of rubber granules out of 3 tons of tires per shift.

By the next year, the management of the factory plans to increase the production capacity and recycle up to 5000 tons of tires per year. However, to solve the problem of the city completely, they have to adopt a centralized system of tire collection and to recycle 10 thousand tons of tires a year.

Location: Vladivostok

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7 Responses to “Last Way of a Tire”

  1. scud-werfer says:

    Great Recycling!!!!! Brilliant!

  2. geoff says:

    To solve the tyre problem in one city they need to recycle “10 THOUSAND TONS” of tires a year”. Wow I had no idea, and that is only one city.

    • Osip says:

      That’s also a lot of stadium tracks.

      • Jeff says:

        the rubber can also be used at playgrounds for the ground instead of sand (the rubber is lightly heat-pressed after being poured down so it forms a solid top but is still springy). It is safer than sand in case a child falls and also the local cats won’t use it as a litter. I have also seen the rubber granules used as the underlay for the astroturf in indoor soccer pitches.

  3. OLUT says:

    This reminds me. I need to replace a tyre, the belts are showing through.

  4. robin yates says:

    all recycling is good.In the UK they have been tyre recycling for many years.The rubber granules can be used in making roofing tiles

  5. Mummeli says:

    Uumm, so who’s paying who? Do they pay you, when you give them your tires, or do you pay them, for accepting your tires? If latter, i guess burning will continue..

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