7 Last Way of a Tire

Last Way of a Tire

Posted on November 11, 2011 by

Tires Utilization Factory 1

Looking at junkyards full of old tires, you come to understand that car owners of Vladivostok change their tires a lot. Sometimes, they set these tires on fire which pollutes the air greatly. Two years ago they decided to solve this problem by opening a tire recycling factory where they could turn old needless tires into a new stadium track surface. So, here it is!

At the factory they accept tires of all sizes for three rubles (30 cents) for a kilogram.

Tires Utilization Factory 2

A ground in front of the factory.

Tires Utilization Factory 3

They accept damaged tires too. The only condition is that they should have no paint and oil spots and burning marks.


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7 Responses to “Last Way of a Tire”

  1. scud-werfer says:

    Great Recycling!!!!! Brilliant!

  2. geoff says:

    To solve the tyre problem in one city they need to recycle “10 THOUSAND TONS” of tires a year”. Wow I had no idea, and that is only one city.

    • Osip says:

      That’s also a lot of stadium tracks.

      • Jeff says:

        the rubber can also be used at playgrounds for the ground instead of sand (the rubber is lightly heat-pressed after being poured down so it forms a solid top but is still springy). It is safer than sand in case a child falls and also the local cats won’t use it as a litter. I have also seen the rubber granules used as the underlay for the astroturf in indoor soccer pitches.

  3. OLUT says:

    This reminds me. I need to replace a tyre, the belts are showing through.

  4. robin yates says:

    all recycling is good.In the UK they have been tyre recycling for many years.The rubber granules can be used in making roofing tiles

  5. Mummeli says:

    Uumm, so who’s paying who? Do they pay you, when you give them your tires, or do you pay them, for accepting your tires? If latter, i guess burning will continue..

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