21 Beautiful Artists

Beautiful Artists

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In Abramtsevo Art Industrial College you understand that women at creative work are almost as beautiful as women in love.

Ladies Who Paint 2Ladies Who Paint 3Ladies Who Paint 4Ladies Who Paint 5Ladies Who Paint 6Ladies Who Paint 7Ladies Who Paint 8Ladies Who Paint 9Ladies Who Paint 10Ladies Who Paint 11Ladies Who Paint 12


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21 Responses to “Beautiful Artists”

  1. BlowME says:

    Those girls are 1000% hotter then the so called models we’ve seen on this site…

  2. kissmy... says:

    Agree me to. Certainly more beautiful and intelligent than the Soros-collective “Femen”…

  3. OLUT says:

    The blonde girl looking over her shoulder — that photo looks like a classic painting.

    Also I like that the only plastic these girls buy, is their paint palettes and brush handles.

  4. wow says:

    would i offend them if i said they are more beautiful than Art, any art can never capture the essence of beauty, specially of natural women who happen to be artists, i must exaggarate to say this should be a poem …

  5. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Wow. Just…wow.

  6. Bogdan from Australia says:

    That’s right; Beauty, brains and SOULS…

  7. yojimbo says:

    Most you guys must not be married.I can tell because you base your ideals of a what makes a good woman upon looks(everyone has different tastes some guys like bimbos others like women more like these girls) but still looks has almost nothing to do with a good relationship.

    My dad used to say to me “Beauty is only skin deep but ugly cuts clear to the bone.” What he meant by that was the woman’s personality not her looks in other words a woman that has an ugly personality will always be that way no matter how pretty she looks.

    I dated a lot of women before I got married and trust me the woman that I married was the the best looking woman I ever dated but she bar far has the best personality.

    • yojimbo says:

      correction; Was not the best.

      • geoff says:

        Jimbo I saw research done years ago that concluded that a beautiful face is only one that is perceived to be more symmetrical. And as you say that does not make up for what is going on inside.

        • yojimbo says:

          That is true I suppose at the same time physical beauty is different from person to person if they go with what they really feel and not what society says that they should feel.Many young guys will say that someone like Kim Kardashian is beautiful though in honesty I don’t think that many really feel that way they just say it because they think they they should.

          It is Yôjinbô like the Kurosawa film it means bodyguard in Japanese an old Sargent started calling me that after he heard about me not leaving my drunken buddies in cold German alley.

          You are an Aussie though I can imagine Jimbo in your accent though.

        • Hirsh says:

          Symmetry is just one element of it, the relative dimensions between the facial features plays a large role in being beautiful or not too. Those are the underlying elements our brains are programmed to focus on subconsciously in an effort to determine if a possible mate is a good genetic specimen.

  8. Lusker 41 says:

    Love the Neighbours daughter look on these girls….Beautyfull artist

  9. Chac Mool says:

    Jimbo, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with appreciating beauty. And these pics show beauty, not only physical. I have to congratulate -and thank- the photographer’s good eye and sensibility.

  10. Dogs Breath says:

    Often beauty works against a girl developing a good nature, they learn to get what they want only using their looks (which don’t last).

  11. j pigden says:

    So many of these girls would be considered ‘nerdy’ but GORGEOUS!!

  12. CZenda says:

    Guess the photographer read Jane Eyre ;)

  13. Tobbe says:

    Hmm.. i think I recognize one of them

  14. Anjieya says:

    Wow…really beautiful artist. Without tied my hairs feel awkward when I draw something(im not an artist) but some of there girl look prefect.

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