19 Who Is Gonna Work In Russia?

Who Is Gonna Work In Russia?

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China Town One 12

A lot of Chinese people have moved to Russia and began cultivating the land. And the Chinese do there what Russians don’t like to do – they work.

The Chelyabinsk Region also has a big population of Chinese people who’ve built there thousands of greenhouses. The fact that they gather in the crops three times a year makes some of the locals think that they use chemicals and pollute the environment. They also grumble that the Chinese do not pay taxes. Others, however, agree that the Chinese do good for the region because they cultivate the land residents of Chelyabinsk don’t want to.

China Town One 2

Greenhouses. Some of the cellophane has been removed.

China Town One 1China Town One 3

Seeing this many greenhouses around is very unusual for a Russian person.

China Town One 4

China Town One 5

Pipes sticking out of the greenhouses.

They plan to begin farming in December so they’re going to need heating.

China Town One 6

The distance between the greenhouses is less than one meter, so all of them look like a large cellophane carpet.

China Town One 7China Town One 8

Entrances to the greenhouses are barricaded. The point is that envious locals wanted to destroy the prosperous plantations but the administration of the region prohibited them from doing that.

China Town One 9

With their old cellophane they cover firewood to heat the stove in winter.


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19 Responses to “Who Is Gonna Work In Russia?”

  1. Ivan says:

    What a shame, they work like slaves and live like slaves, no wonder russians don´t want to “work” this way and the greenhouses are auful, what a tecnology…

  2. Kilroy Was Here says:

    They have found their niche. More people should be more enterprising.

  3. Dickey Splurge says:

    Seems like their profits are disappearing somewhere, because they do not seem to live very well. Good to see hard-working people producing food. Sorry to hear they are not welcome.

  4. Tovarich Volk says:

    Picture #26 must be the Snakehead in her Luxury SUV. –I feel for the people who have to work under those conditions.

  5. Leningradsky says:

    Home, sweet Chinese home.

  6. Sean says:

    Nobody begged them to come to Russia to work this way. It was their choice.

  7. Canadian says:

    Chelyabinsk Region is nowhere near China.

    Russians should be concerned. As per Australia and Canada, Chinese immigrants throw all their money into real estate. Good news for the Russian Government as tax revenue will increase. Bad news for Russians who’ll be paying 24,116,703 Rubles for a Condo.

    While yes they do have good food but I rather have a house over my head than “all I can eat Peking Duck”

  8. Ulrike Meinhof says:

    Maybe but i still think most of them hawe much better there than they shod had in China.

  9. Roberto says:

    these are so dirty nobody control these inmigrants workers, these plantations are ilegal, the production must be acord with the health rules…
    no thanks i am not gonna eat chinese food in russia

  10. cockatrice says:

    As in the US as in Russia. The only people willing to do the hard field work are aliens, despised and unwanted. Alabama decided they don’t like Hispanics, but can’t get the white boys to go harvest the crops. Stuff’s just rotting in the fields. Heh!

    • Matlok says:

      I think you’ll find that the “white boys” will do the work if they are paid a decent wage. I think if the truth was made known we would find out that these immigrants are brought in to work for far less than minimum wage, thereby increasing the land owners profit.

    • burak_ck says:

      ı have worked with both chinese workers and russian workers in a dam project,,ı prefer the chinese ones not only because of profit,they are hard working,peaceable peoples instead of russians…..russians are opposite, ı dont know may be the living and working conditions in china make these chinese workers act like this,if chinese men had a better choice….

  11. A.Oscar says:

    Chinese always are a good workers; in Canada many years ago, Chinese build just about the all the railways from Pacific to the Atlantic. And seems to be: the majority, very good workers. The problem for Russian is they not associate with the rest of population to be part of the rest of Russians. If the Chinese stay to long together: may one day claim the land for themselves like having a new country. Chinese people eat anything, and procreate like rabbits. Their looking after the land very good: and that way, it is good for the others to eat and do not want work. Wharf Chinese do: anyone could do too, at the same time the government should give the same change to Russians the government do to Chinese of not paying taxes. Russian it is the bigger country in the world , even in Siberia could be room for farmers, if Government give them same land, pork’s horses and ten years late the pay for what government give, and cultivate too without taxes, but if start to sale to business people, they could pay some taxes. A.Oscar

  12. Zonda says:

    It says that the crises are an open gate to army conflicts… But in this days, the conflicts are no longer running with gun in hand. Indians, chinese and other prolific populations emigrate to countries where the number of local population are decreasing. Also the countries (China for ex.) with liquidity are buying important parts of economy and lands from countries which are in economic crash. So the takeover are made peacefully and quietly. For example Chinese government encourage emigration, and help local businessmans to open business abroad. As we can see, Chinese people are god workers, work for few $, prolific and make no pretentions. Should we condamn them, or us?

  13. Russian Fan says:

    So, the Chinese are like the Mexicans in the United States. They do what the locals don’t do. Interesting.

  14. Mike Patton says:

    Lets be real here, White boys want proper pay and its the richer white boys hiring the other world people. So who’s to blame? Are we talking of a French Revolution here? NO! because the average white boy is slave to the richer white boys – ie Steve Jobs, McDonalds, etc etc they can’t live without all that. :)

  15. meatandtwoveg says:

    Chinese coolies are replacing the new soviet man. The USSR had notoriously bad planning and bad managers. The Chinese are just doing what Chinese are doing…going to places no one else wants to go and working and keeping a low profile because this is their first stab at colonisation. White people are c**p at using their space and moan when other people turn up.

  16. ss says:

    Chinese do there what Russians don’t like to do??? Working?? You mean working like slave. Typical racist author saying russians dont like to work and are lazy. Russian simple dont have to work in these jobs there are plenty of recourses to gather and other jobs to do instead to work on a farm for some pennies. Agricultural contributes the lowest amount of wealth to a countries gdp and russian unemployment is 5 % chinas is 4% so much to the lazy russians. The chinese should be ashamed of them self that their people work like shit in foreign countries and its obviously not russians who cut them off as you can see in the picture of the women in that car.

    This site is starting pissing me off its so much racism against russians of many people who upload these picture if you read what they are saying in discription.

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