7 Documentary Photography By Valery Shchekoldin

Documentary Photography By Valery Shchekoldin

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Valery Shchekoldin is an outstanding Russian photographer and a classic of documentary photography.

In the picture: ‘Ulyanovsk. Farewell Bell. 1979′.

Pictures Of Photographer Shchekoldin 1

‘Tver Region. 1981′.

Pictures Of Photographer Shchekoldin 2

‘Zagorsk, the Moscow Region. 1981′.


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7 Responses to “Documentary Photography By Valery Shchekoldin”

  1. John Arley Burns says:

    Whenever I want to see white people living in extreme poverty, I can always count on English Russia to bring me the goods.

  2. geoff says:

    ‘Ulyanovsk. 1976′. Translation = lady drank too much and must be supported by friends.

  3. rowski says:

    Criminal Totalitar Regime!

  4. stolichnaya says:

    Excellent photography! Everyday life in the USSR.

  5. John Wrexham says:

    Great photos from another era. Only the trams look the same!

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