12 The Gymnasium Named After the Heroes

The Gymnasium Named After the Heroes

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Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 5

The gymnasium was built in 1937 and in 1944 it was named after Heroes of the Soviet Union – sister and brother – Zoya and Aleksandr Kosmodemyanskys (Zoya was the first female hero of the USSR). In 1961 they opened a museum, and twenty years later there appeared a memorial in honor of the teachers and pupils of the gymnasium who died during WWII.

To open the museum, they had to collect and process all the information about Zoya and her brother which remained after thier death.

Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 3

Radio elements

Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 4

Zoya and Aleksandr’s mother donated her children’s personal belongings to the museum: Zoya’s favorite jacket which later became world-known, her alarm clock, blanket, and her beret which she asked to preserve before joining partisans; and Aleksandr’s paintings, colors and brushes.

Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 5Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 6Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 7

The Memorial Room of the Kosmodemyanskys.

On the left you see Zoya’s bedroom covered with her blanket, and her beret’s liying on the pillow. In this room you can also find Aleksandr’s easel and palettes.

Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 9Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 10

Over 300 pupils participated in designing the museum and all of them were delighted by the importance of the moment.

Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 11Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 12

‘They fought for their Homeland’.

These are photos, documents and personal belongings of those who died fighting with the enemy, and whose who came back home from war happy and alive.

Alexander And Zoya Kosmodemyanskys 13


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12 Responses to “The Gymnasium Named After the Heroes”

  1. John P says:

    What bad shape this museum is in. I read about Zoya, way back in 1968, in California. ‘Great Hero’s of the Soviet Union’ was the book.

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    You mean to tell me Russian government can not find the money to at least move some of these rare items to another museum?
    Zoya, was the first female “hero of the USSR”. Her family donated private things to this museum, now covered in filth, and many people put their heart and soul into this place. Surely, there is a ministry in Russia that can authorize the removal and transfer of items to another location.

  3. step ladder says:

    What are siblings’ backstory?

  4. Hirsh says:

    Why am i not surprised… now it’s just another relic of a long gone nation. It’s founders could never have imagined what the future would hold for this place just 50 years later.

  5. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I have also read about Zoya Kosmodenskaya. A true heroine, and the museum honoring her and her brother has been utterly trashed. By now I’m used to seeing things and places abandoned and wrecked in Russia, but this is a new low.

  6. tommo says:

    What a disgrace

  7. yojimbo says:

    I read in a book about the eastern front during WWII and it mentioned this husband and wife team the husband was the commander of an assault gun and the lady worked at a factory that made assault guns and tanks(they use the same chassis) there was no trained person available so the wife drove the assault gun for a few days and she just decided “Why not just keep being the driver?” and she did they both survived the war as well.I do not think that they got HSUs but they should have

  8. Hirsh says:

    “Hero of the Soviet Union” – google it if you really want to know more.

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