6 Azerbaijan Under Snow Cover

Azerbaijan Under Snow Cover

Posted on November 9, 2011 by

Azerbaijan In Snow Two 25

Last time Azerbaijanians saw so much snow only back in 1978!

Azerbaijan In Snow Two 1Azerbaijan In Snow Two 2Azerbaijan In Snow Two 3

And just before the snowfall the city looked like this…

Azerbaijan In Snow Two 4

Closer to the midnight it began to snow.

Azerbaijan In Snow Two 5

People were happy to go out and take some photos.

Azerbaijan In Snow Two 6Azerbaijan In Snow Two 7

This snowcap shall give you a hint about how heavy the snowfall has been!

Azerbaijan In Snow Two 8

SUVs were the first to get out of the snow!

Azerbaijan In Snow Two 9

While passenger cars needed help.


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6 Responses to “Azerbaijan Under Snow Cover”

  1. geoff says:

    Palm trees in the snow….Nah that aint right.

  2. Mihkel says:

    Oh gosh how beautiful. Already forgotten how beautiful winter can be. Waiting the snow. :)

  3. finn says:

    I live in arctic circle and we don’t have snow yet. :) Maybe next week.

  4. havoc says:

    Their smiles will subside, when the snow recedes a little and they see all the broken trees and large branches to clean up.

  5. rowski says:


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