10 Remembering The Sacred Wars

Remembering The Sacred Wars

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Kiev Battle Reconstruction 9

Two battle reconstructions to remember those who died in WWII and WWI, took place recently.

The first one was held near Kiev, as a celebration of the anniversary of liberation of Kiev in 1943. It's the 8th time that they reconstruct the legendary battle.  Over 1500 people from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, the Czech Republic and Lithuania took part in the event.

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Kiev Battle Reconstruction 10Kiev Battle Reconstruction 11


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10 Responses to “Remembering The Sacred Wars”

  1. Mr. Fox says:

    Crowd who watch this act look like a huge group of patisan, charge against german troop. :)

    • yojimbo says:

      What? The Partisans used guerrilla warfare and went after garrisons and supply lines they bleed out the enemy with 1,000 cuts not in a pitched battle.

  2. b_p says:

    Ehm… Czech Republic, not Check Republic ;)

  3. Jim-Bob says:

    Did they actually crash an ME-109 for this re-enactment?

    • yojimbo says:

      They did in deed and they also used live ammo so the guys that you see falling they really died but their families did receive compensation.

      • scud-werfer says:

        M* Now kids theres daddy in the frontline,…..ups killed*
        K*Did Daddy played a german Soldier Momy?*
        M*I think so*

  4. Taisto says:

    There are no sacred wars.

  5. viktor says:

    Expression on nurses’ faces shows what they are thinking: try not to lough.

  6. yomama says:

    haha, look at the Soviet’s fighter plane registration

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