2 Chkalovsky Military Airport Base

Chkalovsky Military Airport Base

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Chkalovsky Airport is situated 15 klometers away from Moscow Ring Road. Valery Chkalov was the first pilot to land a plane there in 1932. It was a bomber TB-3 #311.

‘Runway! Do not enter’.

It is also a major transport base, with the 8th Special Purpose Aviation Division (since 2009-10, the 6991st Air Base) operating the Antonov An-12, An-72, Tupolev Tu-154, Ilyushin Il-76, Il-86VKP and lighter aircrafts, and also helicopters.

Il-18 is a very secure aircraft.



If only we could see the power of Russian Air Forces, not Soviet Air Forces.


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  1. gen. Kharkov and Cpt. Obvious are idiots. says:

    The Royal Air Force Interview

    Before joining the RAF, a chap must have an interview to see if he is suitable. This guy goes into an interview and the interviewer asks “What do aircraft fly in?”

    Chap says “Air”.

    Interviewer asks “What’s that stuff growing on your head?”.

    “Hair,” replies the chap.

    Interviewer asks “What is a lion’s home called?”

    Chap says “Lair.”

    Interviewer: “Now, please could you put those three words together?”

    Chap:”Uh, er, air… hair… lair…”

    Interviewer: “Air hair lair! Welcome to the RAF!”

  2. ayaa says:

    “If only we could see the power of Russian Air Forces, not Soviet Air Forces.”
    Sure as hell looks thats the Russian flag and the RuAF insignia on those planes.

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