9 Birds That Live On The Edge Of The World

Birds That Live On The Edge Of The World

Have a look at photos of the birds who live in remote parts of Russia.

Tufted Puffins (Lunda Cirrhata) inhabit the Northern Pacific regions including Far Eastern seas of Russia and separate equatorial areas of the Arctic ocean. The birds spend most part of their lives in an ocean. They stay ashore 4  months a year to breed.

Many islands and rocks located in the Kamchatka and Sakhalin regions are named after the pretty birds. The largest and most ancient colony of the birds inhabiting Komandorskie Islands is called the island of Tufted Puffins. Over 100 000 birds come here every year though the area they inhabit doesn’t exceed half a square kilometer.

The birds make nests in May. They dig holes in the ground using their beaks and remove unnecessary earth with the legs.

The seagull is depriving the puffin of its food.

Places rich with fish are usually located far from the coast. That’s why the birds try to catch as many fishes as possible in order to feed their nestlers. They can carry up to 29 fishes in their beak.

In case of a continuous surf islands are surrounded with a wide band of sea foam saturated with green algae that are so loved by the birds.

Below are some other pictures of the beautiful creatures.


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  1. Mr. Fox says:

    Look like birds on the Disny animation.

  2. banditrider says:

    I have photo’s I took of these birds when I visited Lindisfarne Island. Strange looking, but at the same time, beautiful birds

  3. mukmika says:

    A great picture of the Gull taking the food from the Puffin. An enjoyable post.

  4. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Great post. Thanks…

  5. Mike Patton says:

    Great photos but I object to picture “ruspuing003-55.jpg” – I believe my client the Seagull is the one being robbed! :|

  6. Colorful beaks on them nice-looking birds.

    I’d love to see more Far Eastern Russia posts.

  7. johnny says:

    nice pictures
    these birds look like they arent from this world

  8. RAB says:

    Now I know why the USA is calling there newest submarines the Puffin.

  9. Peter says:


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