10 A Water Park That Has Never Been Launched

A Water Park That Has Never Been Launched

Water Park 24

Let’s visit a water park in Moscow that will hardly see any visitors in the nearest future.

Water Park 1

Construction of the water park started in 1997 and stopped 3 years later. The building occupies an area of 43,500 square meters. It was planned that the park would embrace 5 swimming pools, waterslides, restaurant, and a parking lot with 107 car-places.

Water Park 2Water Park 3

Walking there is very dangerous due to deep holes in the floor. Some holes are covered with rotten wooden bars that can hardly stand the pressure.

Water Park 4Water Park 5

The park has a lot of stairs that connect different levels. The stairs on each side are not connected with the building itself leading to formation of vast downfalls.

Water Park 6

The building which is very high lacks any banisters.

Water Park 7Water Park 8Water Park 9

Internal walls are made of bricks.

Water Park 10Water Park 11

The place has a speical acoustics. Thus, cars that come nearby produce specific sounds which remind of dog barking. Big building are always full of strange noise.


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10 Responses to “A Water Park That Has Never Been Launched”

  1. Verto says:

    I glad to see old soviet tradition of abandonism is alive and in progress in Russia.Abandonism is the greatest achievement of mankind ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Mr. Fox says:

    Some artists leave thier works. :)

  3. jock says:

    man that is some cool URBEX!!!!!

  4. Tyler says:

    Nice! I drive by this place every day and I always wanted to have a look inside.

  5. BlowME says:

    looks kind of creepy…

  6. Osip says:

    This is not failed water park, it is successful criminal enterprise. Russia is full of such things.

  7. Q says:

    Great post! Keep them coming :)

  8. dB The DBA says:

    Pity, looks like it would have been huge and what a pool.

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