6 Mud Volcanoes In Azerbaijan

Mud Volcanoes In Azerbaijan

Posted on November 6, 2011 by

Mud Volcanoes Azerbaijann  12

Azerbaijan boasts the fact that it has the biggest number of mud volcanoes in the world (350 out of 800 volcanoes of the planet are situated there).

Mud volcanoes are related to oil/gas deposits. Their eruptions are accompanied by powerful explosions and underground rumble. Gases which come out blaze up, sometimes making the fire as tall as 1000 meters. In Azerbajlan, there have been over 200 eruptions since 1810.

So, if you take a one hour drive south of Baku, you’ll see this:

Mud Volcanoes Azerbaijann  2Mud Volcanoes Azerbaijann  3

These volcanoes are rather small and they erupt mud, so watch your cameras!


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  1. vocab says:

    Mud geysers, not volcanoes. Another word to know, is the mud geysers are probably part of a large caldera in that valley.

  2. jock says:

    bet there is all sorts of geezers down there

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