9 Underground Submarine Base of Balaklava

Underground Submarine Base of Balaklava

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This is a general view of Balaklava Bay, the Black Sea. Under this mountain in the middle there is an armoury, a channel, and a service, repair and equipment base for submarines. It had been built since 1957 until 1961 by military men, who were later accompanied by specialists in underground construction. It is also an anti-radiation shelter for 3000 people. The maximum width of the rocky ground is 126 meters. The channel has a length of 505 meters, a width of 6-8.5 meters and a depth of 6-8.5 meters.

The base became abandoned in 1995 and in 2003 they opened a museum there, where they show the armoury and the channel, but the access to mines, torpedoes and the service, repair and equipment base remain closed for regular viewers.

Underground Submarine Base 2

An entry portal connecting the channel and the bay.

Underground Submarine Base 3

Through this exit portal submarines get into the Black Sea.

Underground Submarine Base 4

A portal in the bay.

Underground Submarine Base 5

Next to the yellow thing there is an entrance to the armoury, the administration.

Underground Submarine Base 6

Many years ago, submarines went from there to be on duty.

Underground Submarine Base 7

The channel starts here.

Underground Submarine Base 8

In this picture you see an entrance portal for submarines, an entrance to the base and mines and torpedoes compartment.

Underground Submarine Base 9

When a submarine was about to enter, the floating bridge would turn sideways.

Underground Submarine Base 10

This gun has nothing to do with the base. It belongs to the exposition of the armed forces of Ukraine.

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The entrance portal. On the right you can see the entrance to the base and the mines and torpedoes compartment.

Underground Submarine Base 12

This is a 120-ton floating dam.

Underground Submarine Base 13

The armoury. Here they used to store nuclear weapons. The doors in the foreground have a weight of 16 tons each.

Underground Submarine Base 14

One of the armoury’s compartments.

Underground Submarine Base 15

In the background there is a storage, on the right you see an exit, on the left – the tunnel to the channel. This trolley was used for carrying ammunition, repair packings and even nuclear bombs.

Underground Submarine Base 16

Here they would assemble nuclear (and other) torpedoes or rockets.

Underground Submarine Base 17

In this compartment they stored regular weaponry.

Underground Submarine Base 18

Here they stored nuclear weapons.

Underground Submarine Base 19

This periscope is still in operating condition.

Underground Submarine Base 20

This exposition has little to do with the undersea fleet.

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They used this passage for transporting weapons  to load them on the submarine. One of the functions of this bending was to take up shock waves.

Underground Submarine Base 22

This  protection door has the same function as the bending.

Underground Submarine Base 23

The channel. On the right you see what used to be a dry dock.

Underground Submarine Base 24

A dock entrance.

Underground Submarine Base 25

The passage connecting the channel and the bay.

Underground Submarine Base 26

The ‘dry dock’.

Underground Submarine Base 27

A stair-case from Half-Life.

Underground Submarine Base 28

A passage leading to the Black Sea.

Underground Submarine Base 29

The channel. Behind the left wall there is the base, an additional command post of Black Sea navy, etc.

Underground Submarine Base 30

On the left there is the dock.

–nextpage–Underground Submarine Base 31

This is a tambour between the protection door and the floating dam. On each of the two sides there are door operators.

Location: Balaklava Region


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    It looks dangerous to visit this. Many concrete roof are collapsing, it looks like stones fall from the mountain with some frequency. Better to see this place in photographs.

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    Very interesting pictures of Russian history.

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    Doesn’t look large enough to have been able to support the later generations of Soviet submarines. It would have been shut down anyways as the older, smaller subs were decommissioned.

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    Isn’t this a Ukrainian Sub base written about a year or so ago?

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    Would love to visit this place and I am not scared of a couple of falling rocks like the above poster.

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