8 Domodedovo Aerotropolis

Domodedovo Aerotropolis

The Future Of Domodedovo 29

Let’s make a journey to Domodedovo, the aerotropolis of the future.

The Future Of Domodedovo 1

Do you know what does an aerotropolis mean? It is a city that is located around the airport and represents the infrastructure of the latter. Remember Dallas and Amsterdam and you will get the idea of what is meant in this case.

The Future Of Domodedovo 2

Reconstruction and building of the passenger terminal in 2017 will 9 times increase the total area of the airport.

The Future Of Domodedovo 3

Reconstruction of a segment related to the passenger terminal T-1 will be over by 2012.

The Future Of Domodedovo 4

In the result of the reconstruction the area will be increased twice from 100 to 226 thousand square meters.

The Future Of Domodedovo 5

The number of check-ins will be increased from 132 to 148.

The Future Of Domodedovo 6

The carrying capacity of the air terminal will be increased form 10 thousand to 15.2 thousand of passengers an hour.

The Future Of Domodedovo 7

70 000 square meters of the second segment of the passenger terminal engaged in servicing international flights will be exploited in 2013.

The Future Of Domodedovo 8

By 2017 the area of the second segment will account for 439 500 square meters. Its carrying capacity will be 24 million passengers a year.

The Future Of Domodedovo 9

Two large buildings will be erected in the vicinity of the airport. They will be connected with each other with the help of a gallery.

The Future Of Domodedovo 10

Following implementation of the project the total area of the parking lot will be increased to 9700 car-places.

The Future Of Domodedovo 11

A new heating power plant will be built in the period from 2013 to 2016.


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8 Responses to “Domodedovo Aerotropolis”

  1. Uncledoh says:

    at least is one of the last airports where you can still smoke in public areas / coffees

    • George Johnson says:

      But why would you want to?

      Disgusting, horrible smelling habit of not too bright people.

      • Hirsh says:

        Because they still can, why do you worry about what others do in a free society? Respect their rights to do what they want and maybe they’ll accept your right to engage in your own not to bright silliness as well.

    • Hola! says:

      It’s a lie. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the airport, there are special smoking rooms installed with air filtering machines.

  2. yeoldesnake says:

    The worst airport of Moscow! It’s so badly organized now, that I’m wondering about the level of chaos they will get after finishing of this reconstruction and expansion works. It perfectly follows the Russian construction tradition – “Build first, think after”.

    • Hola! says:

      Being pseudo-analytical and using a wrong logical construction – logical induction to bottom-line the whole country and people – How noble. BTW, I am sure those problems are temporary, exactly for the time period of reconstruction.

      • yeoldesnake says:

        Oh, come on. Seems like you’ve never been to Domodedovo. The “temporary” problems there last since Soviet times, so you can freely treat them as constant problems. And if you do not agree with “Build first, think after” – just go and take a look at the “Moscow City” project, my noble friend.

  3. Comrade says:

    Hopefully not the next abandoned place after 10 – 20 years. Who knows…

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