18 Kazan Museum Of Socialistic Past

Kazan Museum Of Socialistic Past

Socialistic Museum 58

The socialistic museum in Kazan reminds all former Soviet citizens of the way they used to live some time ago and of the time that ceased to exist.

Socialistic Museum 1

Museum of socialistic living. History of the USSR in kettles: 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980.

Socialistic Museum 2

Museum of socialistic living.

Socialistic Museum 3

The jeans are made of wood. This is our response to the western cult of jeans!

Socialistic Museum 4


Socialistic Museum 5Socialistic Museum 6

You are following the right path, Comrades!

Socialistic Museum 7

Apartment of high culture.

Socialistic Museum 8

From the history of gambling games with the state. Lottery ticket of 1942. It’s all for the front line, it’s all for the victory.

Socialistic Museum 9

Electric cables are buried underground. Digging of any kind can lead to accidents AND IS DANGEROUS TO LIFE. Unauthorized excavation is forbidden.


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18 Responses to “Kazan Museum Of Socialistic Past”

  1. geoff says:

    Excelent collection of stuff. Those carved wooden jeans are funny.

    “The appliance was used in doing poker-work” and then “One of the last poker-works. Mid of the 80s”……What is poker work ?

  2. Ilja says:

    Museum is “sovok” more than its contents. This is yet life, not history.

    • Hola! says:

      Oh, I love the museum. It’s obviously the privately owned one, the red brick building is lovely – too bad Europe got them lost, except for Austria.

  3. George Johnson says:

    That “radio” with seven knobs, isn’t a radio. It’s a decade resistance substitution box. Each decade is represented by a knob, like 10 ohms, 100 ohms, 1000 ohms….

    I’m sure there is a home made radio, but that isn’t it.

    • rostit says:

      Its a 9 in 1 electronics radio kit. The knob is probably a variable capacitor. Radio Shack made them in the states. You have a little book with point to point wiring instructions.

    • Hirsh says:

      Comment fail, it is a 9 in 1 electronics project kit for children, just as Rostit said. Just an educational toy to make learning about electronics fun and easy.

      • Hirsh says:

        Hmmm oddly enough there is a decade box on the second page, although i don’t see it described as a radio now? lol, I was wondering how someone who knows what a decade box is could mistake a 9-1 kit for one. doh! You didn’t. I still haven’t had my morning coffee yet. That’s my excuse… ;)

        There’s some really cool artifacts of times past here. Especially enjoy seeing some of these kids toys and a different way of doing the same thing that some employ. The the 3 wheel(?) pedal scooter is awesome, and the turn table style driving game i’ve never seen before. usually they are a linear belt type of design.

  4. CZenda says:

    The “BT” cigarettes were made in Bulgaria, BT stands for BulgarTabac. They were terrible…

  5. Hirsh says:

    The English language Red & White pack of “Cow-boy” cigarettes is a rather amusing attempt to piggy back on the Marlboro’s brands marketing image. Is that a pack of “Texas” right above the Marl’s too?

    Would be interesting to see how those who smoked these brands actually looked? Rugged, gritty “real men”, or like here in the U.S. the brand image doesn’t much reflect the actual smoker anymore? lol

  6. scud-werfer says:

    the black zcar for kids is awesome! I love the design of toys made in 60’s. I am a kid of the 87’s but i would love to had such a pedal-car!
    Question for RUSSIA PEOPLES: What Cigaretts do you smoke? Is there a popular russian cigar-copany?
    greetings from Switzerland

  7. USSR says:

    And where are famous Soviet “Avrora”,”Belamor” and “Kazbek” cigaretts? I dont see them on the display..They were cheap,filterless but very popular.

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