13 How Does A Hadron Collider Work?

How Does A Hadron Collider Work?

Today we'll have a look at a hadron collider of the Nuclear Physics Institute in Novosibirsk. Russian scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics, located in the city of Novosibirsk, are trying hard to enhance LHC’s performance 100 times.

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Total number of the Institute's employees accounts for 2900 people.

The entire process started with antiparallel E-beams (AEB-1). The first collider in the world was built in 1963 to examine the possibilities of the beams in experiments on physics of elementary particles. AEB-1 was the first collider where beams circulated and collided with one another in the vertical plane.


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13 Responses to “How Does A Hadron Collider Work?”

  1. Hola! says:

    Fascinating! This is the stuff that makes nation respected and the top-rated, not the consumerism and cable TV, feeding body and brain with nothing. Instead of flying to the Mars and beyond the solar system, building orbital stations around other planets, finishing the ITER’s tokamak-based DEMO station to produce unlimited energy or conducting research on the stem cells, we invented iPhones, clothes for dogs, expensive cars, botox.
    I love this machine, these people are advancing the whole humanity forward!

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      Yes! You’re absolutely right!

      • Hirsh says:

        And BTW, it was fundamental scientific research in times past that lead to the advanced technologies in our iPhones (and hadron colliders), the synthetic fabrics that doggy clothes (and safety equipment like air bags) are made of, as well as all of the advanced technology in todays autos that make them so expensive, and Botox was invented by an ophthalmologist looking for a better way to treat strabismus, a misalignment of the eyes due to muscular imbalance, without having to resort to surgery, not for some petty cosmetic reason. I mean really, buy a clue dude… *rolls eyes* Those scientist and inventors medical researchers have advanced the whole of humanity just as far as these scientists do. Who are you to dismiss and devalue their work to make some point? What have you done to advance the whole of humanity beyond those you deride?


        • geoff says:

          Hirsh have you missed your morning coffee again, because you seem a little testy :)

          Hirsh I get the feeling you are Russian living in USA. No ? Yes ?

          • Hirsh says:

            lol, usually it isn’t the case but i’ll admit i did get a bit testy after rereading that comment. This kind of research might be the stuff that makes nations respected, and it will eventually, many, many years from now benefit humanity as a whole, and i love that they are doing it, but it is inventors who take past scientific breakthroughs and build on them who are benefiting the whole of humanity today, with practical items like iPhones.

            So what if they don’t raise the respect of an entire nation with their derivative offshoot inventions? They benefit the lives of hundreds of millions of people, here, now, today. I have every bit as much respect for them.

            And no i’m not Russian, but when posting online my grammar does occasionally suck bad enough to pass for a native Russian speaker. ;)

    • Hirsh says:

      Your right about this being great stuff that the Russian are doing. But “we’ve” invents a lot more then iPhones, doggy clothes and botox. But nice try at minimizing our more profound accomplishments to make a point.

  2. marxistworker says:

    Now Comrades, isn’t this more interesting and relevant than a mega-church (from a previous post)?
    Concerning the positron-electron collision: The electron is the particle; the positron is the anti-particle. A positron is antimatter (created when a proton decays) to electron’s matter. In the far distant future after all atoms have decayed electrons will be free to spiral into the vastness unless they come into contact with a positron; in that case, they will spiral around each other (as a positronium) in a decaying orbit. In this distant future the positronium “atom” could be as large as the present observable Universe, yet eventually (after vast magnitudes of time) they will crash into each other, annihilate and leave only gamma rays as their product.

    • geoff says:

      marxistworker, It is amazing that you understand this stuff. I do not understand at all, but I think that the scientists are looking for the smallest thing that there is in the universe. Will it be the stuff that everything is made of. I don’t understand but I find it very interesting

      • marxistworker says:

        Thank you for the kind words, geoff, but I really don’t understand all that much; just read a lot. I believe the main thing they are looking for is the Higgs boson, a theoretical particle that “gives” mass to all other particles, so yes, it will be so tiny they use the analogy it is like knocking a piece of space loose.

  3. Bud says:

    wow, Ruski mustn’t be dumb after all.

    • Sean says:

      Wow! What a revelation! Ever heard of Mendeleev, Gamov, Prokhorov, Lev Landau, Kolmogorov, Arnold, Markov, Reformatsky, Joukowskij, Ostrogradsky, Voevodsky, Perelman, Tsiolkovsky, Pavlov, Metchnikoff, Pirogov, Sakharov, Kurchatov, Korolyov, Cherenkov, Kapitsa, Alferov, Persikov, Prigogin, Lebedev etc.? I mean, get an education.

  4. Osip says:

    Everything was thoroughly explained, except what is a hadron? Can they escape to hurt anyone?

  5. A.Oscar says:

    Men always amazing with won discoveries about high energy: of any kind, for the good intentions and bad too, like nukes. Now let’s going to natural way: and point of view. We all know of millions of person dream when sleeping: and animals too, how about see images into lucid dreams. That means of not sleeping at all. But with eyes close of course. I always saying: the human Mind are the most marvelous way of thoughts, that by be invisible , like electric energy, it is all so energy, other wais we do not move either. Even so science so developed: much more still going too invented.

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