3 Military Fort A

Military Fort A

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Fort A was built in 1911-1915, north of Brest Fortress, and is one of the few fortresses of its kind left. Let’s go check it.


The fort is overgrown with greenery and it seems like it’s situated in the jungle.

An unfinished caponnier.


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3 Responses to “Military Fort A”

  1. EngrishBob says:

    Another diesel engine with missing head. It’s always the head that goes missing.

    • Leykra says:

      Yes It seems like, for some reason or another, the head always goes missing, wonder why? Is it because, it’s the easiest way to sabotage the engine, into a useless piece of metal lump, or why do people just always need it?

      • Steamed McQueen says:

        Probably taken for scrap metal. The heads are heavy so they will bring more money, but not so heavy that one or two people can’t lift them.

        …Either that or they make great doorstops and anchors!

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