21 BMW Pimped Into A Soviet Cabriolet!

BMW Pimped Into A Soviet Cabriolet!

Posted on November 1, 2011 by

It is pretty common for Russians to transform their old Soviet VAZs and 20-year-old foreign-made cars into something they think is cool and attractive. Opposite situations are extremely rare and this is one of them! See this brand new BMW 6 turned into a Soviet-looking Pobeda!


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21 Responses to “BMW Pimped Into A Soviet Cabriolet!”

  1. geoff says:

    Wow that finished car looks better than original.

    Very skillful.

  2. wing says:

    wow, very impressive. flawless work.

  3. Uru says:

    Interesting idea and nice workmanship except disgusting tinted windshield. I guess that even in Russia it’s not allowed.

  4. renniks says:

    That looks sweet! Top workmanship on the conversion

  5. Deutsch says:

    I bet the BMW was stolen :)

  6. Hey says:

    Very awesome. I foresee great potential in these old soviet design lines.

    Personally I hope for my first car to be a black box lada that I can pimp with some chrome and leather interiors.

  7. xmz says:

    Not Pobieda but Volga.

  8. BlowME says:

    That M6 is quite ugly as it is… Of course I like the end product much better than original.

  9. Wolga says:

    “See this brand new BMW 6 turned into a Soviet-looking Pobeda!” — Volga, not Pobeda!

  10. Hirsh says:

    Wow. Really, really well done. BMW need to take notes, they’ve been schooled.

  11. Tovarich Volk says:

    I agree, the end product looks much classier than the original. Hats off to the shop that did this, as they did an absolutely artful job at it.

  12. InTheMix says:


  13. Valdas says:

    it’s a Volga 21, not a Pobeda m21

  14. Hirsh says:

    BTW while there’s a few new pics here, and vice versa, this car was already featured on English Russia back in 2006. Looks like date code has been cropped out of the current pics.


  15. alessio says:

    Never tought a volga looked so so exclusive, I mean it!

    He took a good looking but emotionless (boring) german car and transformed it something very beautiful with true emotions!!
    great work

  16. Zonda says:

    The coolest idea I ever seen on this site! This kind of post erase all other post with crappy pimped cars…
    I wish I have this kind of Volga!

  17. H.I.A.T. says:

    WOW it looks so much better now. It’s classy.
    The BMW design is not to my liking, but this, WOW!

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