26 Military Equipment Of A Rifle Brigade

Military Equipment Of A Rifle Brigade

Let's have a look at the military equipment of the 18th
motorized rifle brigade dislocated in Georgia.
14 How To Survive A Nuclear Explosion

How To Survive A Nuclear Explosion

Look through photos taken by a person who participated in civil defense training carried out
at a construction site in the Primorye region in the middle of the last century.
20 Mansions of Rublyovka

Mansions of Rublyovka

The so called Rublyovka is a residential territory of 300 square kilometers (which is twice as much as Leichtenstein) which is located in Moscow area. Over 30 thousand people reside here in more than 10 thosand mansions. We want to remind you that, according to statistics, just 18 square meters falls on each Russian citizen and over 80% of them live in panel houses or houses with no facilities
at all. Let's take a look at some of the homes, priced from 10 million dollars. In the picture there is a 57 million dollar mansion with a floor area of 1091 square meters. It is located in Gorki-2 Village. Lot size is 57000 square meters. On the territory there is a gym (3770 square meters) with a pool, two guest houses and a lot of utility structures.
9 Moments That Are Rarely Noticed

Moments That Are Rarely Noticed

Photos of Vadim Savrayev depict amazing moments that are rarely noticed by an impartial observer. Some people
may even find the photos strange. However, the more you look at them the more attractive they seem.
6 Nomad Camp In Kyrgyzstan

Nomad Camp In Kyrgyzstan

This is Kyrgyzstan, the north of the country, alpine area. It is the residence of nomadic stock-breeders and a transit area for
tourists. At least it have been so before the revolution. In the picture: nomad camp. Taken in September, 2009.
9 Former Nuclear Weapons Storage In Feodosiya

Former Nuclear Weapons Storage In Feodosiya

In the late 1950s, the Council of Ministers of the USSR decided to create nuclear weapons storages, which were to assemble weapons, store it, repair or issue if necessary. Kiziltashskaya Valley in Feodosiya was
perfect for building one there due to the mountain chains surrounding it. These mountains were able to protect the weapons in case of a nuclear blast of ten megatons exploding at a short distance.
11 Russian Soldiers In Chechnya

Russian Soldiers In Chechnya

Today we'll get some more experience about Russian soldiers' lives
in Khankala city by visiting a motorized rifle brigade.
15 Window Into Space

Window Into Space

Today we'll visit a unique complex of space monitoring
located 9 km away from the Tajik city of Nurek.
22 Victory Belongs to the Country Where Woman Is Equal to Man!

Victory Belongs to the Country Where Woman Is Equal to Man!

Look through some Soviet posters issued
during and shortly after the World War II.
25 Rocket Division Control Center

Rocket Division Control Center

The rocket division post was built in Vlasikha Village in Moscow area 1950s. From this very place, Marshal Zhukov was
directing the defence of Moscow 1941. Since then people have been serving here maintaining peace in the whole world.

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