21 Chechnya, Memories In Pictures

Chechnya, Memories In Pictures

These are pictures which belong to some soldiers. Seeing them, you will
understand what it is like serving in Chechnya. With no colouring the truth.
9 Their Best Friends Are Parachutes

Their Best Friends Are Parachutes

Have you ever tried parachute jumping? Whether your answer yes or no, you
will find it interesting to see these guys trembling with fear!
10 Chukhrai Partisan Village

Chukhrai Partisan Village

Chukhrai is a village in the Bryansk region. Today you can hardly find any information about it on the Internet and it is hard to believe that during World War II this place used to be a populous
partisan center. These photos are not only another proof of devastation, they are an echo of a once lively community with the people, whose life was much harder than today's one.
11 Modern Robinson Found In the White Sea

Modern Robinson Found In the White Sea

The other day in the White Sea they found a modern Robinson on one of the islands, where he had spent more than two weeks. Resquers from Arkhangelsk saw a famished man on a small island from their helicopter. He turned out to be a worker of a monastery who had disappeared on October, 1st! The 25-year old man said
that after his karbass had sunk during a heavy storm, he found himself on a tiny desert island. To survive, the man dug a hole to protect himself from the wind, ate seaweed and drank rain water. The man was immediately helicoptered to a hospital and his condition is stated as  normal.
12 Mountains Are Their Element

Mountains Are Their Element

Meteorologists and glaciologists work here at the 'Mynzhilki' and 'Tuiyk Su' centers at a hight of 3000 meters. These people study global climat
changes and alpine glaciers and control dangerous mud-flow moraine lakes. They truly believe that there is nothing better than mountains!
8 Typical Shelter But Unusual Stuffing

Typical Shelter But Unusual Stuffing

This is a shelter. But not one of those you might have seen before.
Discoverers were amazed at what they found there. It was a great surprise.
6 Assorted Russia, Part 32

Assorted Russia, Part 32

The teacher of English from Nizhni Novgorod uses different appliances while
shaving except for a razor. Thus, he can use scissors, a digger or even a knife.
11 Reconstruction Of the WWI Battle In Ukraine

Reconstruction Of the WWI Battle In Ukraine

People know little about World War I, comparing with World War II, although this war also had its heroes and its dramas. The Brusilov Offensive (Lutskiy Proryv) took place in 1916
in the Ukranian city of Lutsk, where this year they tried to reconstruct that battle. The event was named 'Echo of the Great War of 1914-1918. The Lutskiy Proryv'.
19 A Top Secret Soviet Object

A Top Secret Soviet Object

We have got a chance to visit a PRO-object that used
to be a sensitive military site in Soviet times.
13 Summer House For the President

Summer House For the President

Would you like to visit the summer house of the
President of Tajikistan? Well, you are invited!

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